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Using Copywriting to Provide Valuable Engaging and Relevant Material to Your Customers

If you're creating a solid online presence for your business, one of the first things your web page will need is effective copywriting. The text on your page is what provides your customers with information and is also relevant to your page rankings in major search engines.

Scoring a hatrick - the three goals method of copywriting

Writing effective web content isn’t just about getting a good SERP. It’s just as important to engage with your human visitors and to ensure that your copy is effective in getting your message across by delivering engaging content that has a clear roadmap and a good call to action at the end.

How to win customers and influence people

Have you checked out your website visitor figures lately? Is your SERPs something to be proud of or are you still languishing in P-Nowhere on page 11 of Google? Unless you’re on that front page of every search, you’re missing out on a huge amount of potential business.

Zen and the art of writing killer headlines

In today’s online world, and the Zen-like qualities of the chief headline writer seems to be a thing of the past. Headlines in newspapers were limited by space, but on the Internet you have all the space in the world – literally. You can make your headline as long as you want to.

The ghost in the blogging machine

Businesses that employ copywriters don’t want their customers to know they’re outsourcing their blogging (or any of their other web content for that matter) to a copywriting service. It’s not a matter of trying to be secretive or pull the wool over the reader's eyes. It’s in fact out of respect to the reader.

Is Just Okay good enough?

While freedom of expression is a great thing, the Wiki controversy has drawn attention to the knotty problem of content accuracy on the web. A new trend in article writing for the web is emerging where some sites pay (albeit next to nothing) for content written by the people, for the people. While in principle this is a good thing, in reality the whole non-expert publishing debate means that much of the content is written purely for money by people who have very little understanding of the subject matter or the interests of the reading audience.

How not to suck at copywriting

You’ve had a good run of writing killer content, your clients and those search engine will adore you. So you start thinking that your writing makes things happen. However, what you may have failed to take into account is the product you wrote about may be just the thing that customers are looking for.

A trip down memory lane Revisiting your copy

We all know that fresh, unique copy gets the search engines excited. But going back and changing your copy shouldn’t just be an SEO exercise. Think about it this way – do people buy a magazine and then read it over and over again? Of course not – they go out and they buy the latest issue for new articles, fresh content and interesting stories.

3 reasons why your UK copywriter has to know about social media

Of the six billion people across the globe, four billion speak English. Online, English is the universal language of communication, but it is a complex and multi-faceted language. While you may have a good understanding of spoken and even written English, do you understand how that language is interpreted online? Are you up with ‘Leet’ speak?

Lifting The Lid On Professional Online Copywriting Services

These days, you never have to look far to find an expert online copywriting service. Everyone and their dog are offering writing services because someone told them it was 'an easy way to make money online'. The claims are that they will create idyllic SEO copy that will revolutionise your website. The truth is something very different!

Creating Editorial Style Sheets

Setting editorial style for a large corporation might sound like a dream job for some copyeditors. Aligning all points of style with your own personal preferences! Throwing away incomplete and outdated style sheets! Dictating style to thousands upon thousands of loyal followers!

Creative Writing: It is all about experience!

Creative writing is not just about the mind, it is something that comes from the heart as well. When you narrate stories that get people’s ears glued to them, these are the stories you have actually experienced, lived and felt. Similarly, writing about something you have experienced is way easier to portray rather than writing something you are totally new to.

6 Steps of a Quality Editorial Process

Nearly everyone involved in publishing would agree that having a standard editorial process in place can help ensure quality in publications. But what does “standard” mean? Does quality control differ by industry or shop? Or do commonalities—identical steps or close variations on a standard process, exist across publishing worlds?

Publishing a Proposal Without Losing Your Mind

Rhonda Wright says, “Proposal publishing is an art. It has to be, when you’re given five days to publish 1,000 pages.” As with any art, what you learn from the masters has to be practiced and then adapted to suit your own needs.

The Job of a Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what a Copywriter does? It's not a secret. If a copywriter persuades you to take a desired action, he or she has done their job.

Simple Copywriting Trick

The late, Gary C. Halbert, is my favorite copywriting mentor. Not only was he ultra-successful but he could teach the art and science of crafting ad copy like nobody's business.

Work At Home Earning Multiple Streams Of Internet Income

If you are like a lot of moms (and dads) you would love to find a way to make a little extra income and stay home with your children. If you are married and your spouse works then you could probably get by working at home part time. After all you would be saving money on things such as daycare, travel and more. So how do you get started? How can you find realistic ways to earn at least a part time income? One way is to concentrate on multiple streams of internet income. Wouldn't this be better than falling for some get rich quick scheme that promises you overnight riches? If it were that easy we would all be rich!

Opportunity for Freelance Copywriters

Copywriting is nothing but using words to promote a person, business, opinion or ideas. This may be used as plaint text, as a radio or television advertisement or in other Medias. The reason for writing this marketing copy or promotional text is to catch the customers or readers to act to buy a product or to subscriber to a certain view point.

The Perfect Way to Alleviate End of the Day Slumping

It has got to that point in the day when my head starts to feel heavy and my mouth starts to open to release frequent eye watering yawns. I am clock watching on my last hour and a half at work and time is moving slowly, the monotone sound of peoples bored voices mingle with the occasional shuffling feet to, fro, flip and flop past my desk to the water cooler. I know they are clock watching too.

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