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Book-reading is more popular to day than it ever was due to the fact that books are everywhere, they are more easily accessible to everyone and they are relatively inexpensive. Fiction has always been one of the top read genres but non-fiction catching up with more and more people opting to read this type of book.

How to Pitch to Literary Agents and Get a Book Published

How do you write a pitch letter to get a book published through a literary agent? The most important part of your submission to an agent is not your manuscript or even the synopsis.

How to Write Short Stories for Small Children

Are you unsure how to write short stories for children? If so this article outlines the most important parts when writing short stories, infact, stories in general share the same rule regardless of the age group.

An Unusual Experience

Introspection is an important part of life. Kim Robinson, author of An Unusual Experience, from Outskirts Press invited children into her dream to relay a message. From young child to young adult, this story will resonate with what is in every child's heart.

You Want to Write Kids Stories

You have written books for many years for adults and now you would like to write for children. There are a few things that you will have to decide before you can proceed forward

No More Tears Left Behind

Arthur and Ursula Rathburn's book, No More Tears Left Behind from Fort Dane Books, is Deutschkron's poignant biography that details how Eva and her husband, Martin survived by living under the very nose of the evil that threatened to destroy them and millions of others.

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