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So as a new up and coming webmaster, how should a website be designed? For starters, you need to take the time to determine what the website needs in order to build a Website Design or a website template. Figure out what different types of pages will be required to fulfill those needs and how to lay them out in the most easily navigated fashion. Then you have to determine what aspects are just too much and while may appear great, can affect your bandwidth usage.
You do not want something that is too flashy. At the same time you do not want something that is too minimalist. You have to find a common ground which allows you to display the websites content in the most enjoyable fashion. This can be extremely difficult seeing as though you are actually developing the website for people you do not even know.

Too many newcomers to the internet industry design their website the way that they like it to be. This is of course not realistic because you are only one person. What about the millions of people that you have never met, what do they want out of the website? For this you need to turn to many different surveys and studies which have been performed over the years. It is through these that you can determine what people are wanting in a website and instead focus on developing your site for them; not yourself.

The time and effort that you put into the planning process of the website will pay off in the end. However, you cannot simply design it and call it good, you also have to experiment. Look at Google’s webpage, it is constantly undergoing changes. Some of these work while others do not. However, with each new change there is an understanding as to whether it works or not and it is through this continuing evolution that a website can truly become great.

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Web Design: Developing Your New WebSite

Designing a web site is not an easy task.
The first thing anyone things of, is developing an award-winning design that stands out from the crowd and grabs your attention.
Then they have to deal with the undeniable fact that developing such a site is a very difficult task. This is only made more difficult by the fact that most surfers while loving the flashy websites, dislike them because they can be a trouble when navigating; you ever been to a website and had a menu drop down on you because the mouse pointer just happened across it for a split second?

At the same time, if you chose to go to the other end of the spectrum and make a website design which is very simplistic, you will save a lot of monthly bandwidth, but your visitors may not be very enthused. Somewhere along the path you have to weigh which features you want, and which ones you can do with out. It is a very complex balancing act as any developer will tell you.

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