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Karnataka Popular Golden Chariot Excursion

The southern part of India is very famous between tourists due to its majestic travel destinations. The availability of luxurious chariot train in Karnataka doubles the enthusiasm of those travelers who do not wish to compromise with quality. This train promises to take passengers on a trip of their lifetime. It covers all important cultural heritage sites, magnificent forts, rich wildlife, temples and golden beaches of this region.

Splendid Tours with India Luxury Trains

One can achieve the experience to pamper oneself by getting treated like the raja maharajas of the golden era of Indian history, by opting for India luxury trains trip.
India offers the travel enthusiast a wide range of Luxury Trains. One must try traveling through them at least once in a lifetime!

Experience Utmost Hospitality At The Royal Trains Of India

Though the technology have brought in, very fast and convenient through which journey can be made easy but in order to live and flow with the single moment of tour, only rails and no other option can suffice the meaning of the trip. So gear up to discover the Incredible India in Indian Style

Palace on Wheels - A new travel experience

The luxurious Palace on Wheels journey commences from New Delhi Railway Station and slowly creeps through royal Rajasthan, Agra in Uttar Pradesh and culminates its journey in Delhi after a week long journey. In this we pen down some of the destination covered by the royal Palace on Wheels itinerary.

An introduction to the Pride of the South - Golden Chariot tour itinerary

Golden Chariot is a luxury train in India that strives to offer to guests in the country, a chance to explore the rich heritage of the southern lands, in the highest magnitude. South India is replete with ancient cultural heritage, medieval architectural heritage and is at the same time a modern world destination that strives to host the contemporary travelers.

Explore a fantastic travel option through the luxury train tours

Guests interested in traveling across their favorite holiday destination can opt for luxury train tours that are short in duration, suitably equipped to offer one an insight into the essence of the place and at the same time are surrounded by luxury and comfort so that guests can enjoy a pleasurable sojourn. One of the foremost luxury tour options, for today's travelers, is luxury train tours.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks: High Speed Rail Discussed

Back in August 2009 when Lord Adonis, the Transport secretary, unveiled plans for HS2, Britain's answer to high speed rail already implemented and functional in Asia and Europe (most notably, in Japan and France). Although undergoing revision under new government, the white papers on this project can be found at

Trains, Planes And Ferries: Who is Doing What In The No Fly Zone?

One would expect that the eruption of Eyjafyoll and its travel-paralyzing ash cloud would have by now had some sobering effect on the attitudes of low-budget airlines and airport overseers. The recent criticism of Nats, the airspace authority and of the Civil Aviation Authority are made with what appears to be an imagined sense of judgement, as if airline executives reach their position with the innate knowledge that the Met Office is otherwise required to search for.

The highlights of the Indian Luxury Train

Indian Maharaja is a luxury train and one of the most fantastic ways to travel around Indian destinations that are located in the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Delhi. And yes, guests are also taken on a fantasy sojourn to the romantic ambience of the Taj Mahal and its nearby areas.

Beyond the Guidebooks: Five Tips for Visiting Iceland

With its strange, barren lunar landscape and extraordinarily civilised and cosmopolitan city culture, Iceland is one of the most fascinating and alluring countries in Europe.

Train Travel and Tickets

Hiring a private jet to reach a destination shows that you have panache. You have a preference for stylish and trendy things. However now-a-days one can also hire a train to travel from one place to the other. You need not even buy train tickets. Private train trips are organized all over United Kingdom. The demand for this type of journey has grown in recent years.

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