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Botswana Safaris

The vast majority of Botswana is low lying and arid with the Kalahari Desert making up nearly 70 percent of the total land area. In the northern reaches of the country is the Okavango Delta that is a vast tract of waterways, islands and plains.

Dubai Desert Safari For adventure enthusiasts

Dubai is one of the hottest tourist destinations that draws people of all age groups and backgrounds.
A trip to Dubai would be incomplete without exploring the desert. Desert safari is a huge draw that attracts people from all over the world. It promises lots of fun, entertainment and thrill.

Safaris: An Amazing Way To Experience Wildlife

This time give a shot to Africa. The land of savannahs, picturesque landscapes, great animals, ancestral tribes, and safaris - Africa beckons you this vacation. You will not regret this thrilling, reflective, spiritual, and moving experience.

The different types of African Safaris

Early safari explorers like Frederick Selous, Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, did not have today's transportation luxuries, and often had to trek through the rugged terrain on foot, carrying their gun for protection. Despite the primitive camps and accommodations, these men enjoyed their excursions, as they experienced Africa's beauty and variety in its purest state.

How To Enjoy African Safari Holidays

Africa is a vast continent and it has a lot to offer to vacationers who enjoy exploring and indulging in adventure activities. The Kenya safari and the Tanzania safari are among the most sought after tourist destinations where vacationers can see the wildlife in their natural surroundings, bask in the wonderful beaches, and come close to the nature.

Preparation For Luxury Safari Holidays

Most people would want to take a week off from their hectic schedule and get close to nature with the Kenya safari holidays or Tanzania safari holidays. The African safaris are rich in culture and history. You are recommended to read about the history and culture of Africa before you visit the best places in this Dark Continent, called Africa.

Safari Holidays - A Trip of a Lifetime

For animal lovers who love to experience wild life in their natural habitat, Safari Holidays is the perfect way to realize their dreams. It is preferred choice of tourists because they offer a whole host of safari options and the chance to visit some of the best animal reserves in the world.

Tailor Made Safari Holidays To Discover Your Wild Side

During tailor made safari holidays, you get to photograph wild animals while travelling in vehicles or staying in tents which are well-protected. If you have decided to plan an African safari you will be amazed at the options you can choose from. You can choose to go out for both Kenya safari and Tanzania safari, whichare equally in great demand.

Get Close To Nature Go On An African Safari

The best way to explore the wild side of nature is to go on an African Safari. If you love nature and are prepared for surprises and plenty of adventure, your best bet would be to plan your next vacation in Africa and spend a few days in the lap of wild and untamed natural surroundings.

Tanzania Safaris - Special Interest Itineraries

In Tanzania, possible safaris are not limited to the big game reserves. In fact, there are so many types of specialist safari itineraries that you can choose from. For example, you can select from motorbike safaris, wedding and honeymoon safaris,mountain climbs, whale watching and a balloon safari.

The Kenya You Have Never Seen

Ask any tourist about Kenya and you will hear endless stories about Rift valley views, Lake Nakuru, Bogoria and Baringo. Others will tell you tirelessly about the famous parks and reserves while others will narrate from dawn to dusk about the recently graded seven wonders of the modern world, the wildebeest migration and masai mara ecosystem.

African Safari Holidays Will Change Your Life

In Africa, you will feel the adrenalin rush and tranquility at the same instance. It is an entirely different world there. Africa gives you wings of freedom. All you need to do is indulge in the serenity of nature and find solace in its lap. An African safari holiday is just the right way to enjoy your holiday if you are bored with your desk job and city life. There are a thousand things that you can do when you're spending your safari holidays in Africa.

What Can You Do On Your African Safari Holidays?

African safari holidays are a great way to spend a long deserved vacation. The whole continent of Africa has been blessed with natural beauty and resources. Living in such a breathtaking landscape gets you completely refreshed. It comes as a welcome break from the hectic lifestyle that you may be subject to in your daily life.

Explore New Horizons On A South African Safari

For good reason, many people believe that South Africa is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It is a place filled with geographical and cultural diversity, extraordinary wildlife, and cosmopolitan cities that can compete with those favored by the elite.

A trip of a lifetime - Botswana safari

Botswana is a landlocked country situated in Southern Africa. Aside from the Kalahari Desert, this country is home to some of the world's greatest wildlife destinations. It is a magical vacation spot, where visitors are welcomed with open arms, and are encouraged to freely explore the land's natural treasures.

How To Choose An African Safari Holiday Package?

If you are planning to spend your vacation in the jungles of Africa, you should choose your African Safari holiday package carefully. There are several options available. Africa is a big continent and the wildlife of the different African countries varies greatly. Therefore, you should decide your destination depending upon the animals you want to see.

Kenya Safari Holidays: Six Exciting Things To Do

Safaris in Kenya are an ideal way to explore Africa's breathtaking flora and fauna. Diving with dolphins, exploring the country's beautiful natural landscape, and roaming near elephants and lions make you trip the experience of a lifetime.

About Luxury Safaris

South Africa has always surrounded itself in a shroud of mystery. It is a place for the adventurous, a place to discover Nature and revel in it its beauty. When people decide to take a luxury holiday, they will of course turn to a name that they are familiar with and one that is established in the field.

Take an African Safari Holiday for the Ultimate Holiday Experience

Safari. That word alone conjures up a thousand images, maybe you can even hear the African drums beating. Whatever you picture I'm sure it is nothing negative, simply because African safaris are considered by many as the ultimate in holiday experience. African wildlife holidays take you back to nature, to experience what we forget even exists when we are back at home in front of the television set.

Masai Mara Safari Travel Guide

The Masai Mara Reserve was created in 1961 and is part of the Serengeti. The reserve is famous for its large population of Big Cats and for the Great Migration. This annual event runs from July through October and involves 1,300,000 wildebeests, 360,000 gazelles and around 191,000 zebras.

Exotic And Beautiful African Safari

A safari can be one of the most romantic and adventurous holidays you are likely to experience, look online for companies that organize up-market safaris for your honeymoon, or that special once in a lifetime trip. A company specializing in luxury trips should take care of all the arrangements, from the moment you arrive at the airport in Kenya, until you get on the plane to return home.

How to Get the Most Out of Your African Safari Holidays

Just being in Africa is a unique experience, but here are some ways to get the absolute most out of your African safari. Even though your safari organizer will be taking care of all the details, and educating you along the way, doing some research of your own will go a long way towards enhancing your safari experience.

Tanzania Vacations: Enjoy Wildlife Safaris in the Top Five National Parks

Tanzania is one of the greatest travel destinations in Africa especially for wildlife safaris. The country's game parks host a rich variety of wild animals offering you one of the best game-watching experiences in the African wild. Five of these national parks stand out from the rest.

A South African Hunting Safari Adventure

Africa, a place that is naturally endowed with species that it exclusively owns. The mere sound of the name rings bells of adventure, exploration, realization and hunting. Because of the diversity of hunting safari, it offers as much opportunities for hunting fanatics to explore a range of ecological areas that have their own specialties.

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