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Where To Go On Holiday In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a rich but troubled history dating back thousands of years. Located in the southeast of Europe, Bulgaria has been experiencing rapid economic growth over the last few years, though it still maintains one of the lowest income levels in the European Union.

Sibiu Transylvania Medieval Romanian stories

This is an invitation to discover Transylvania, one of the most famous yet unknown places in Europe. It is an invitation to spend a holiday in Romania that you will never forget. It is not a story about Dracula’s Castle but it is a story about castles and legends, about the forgotten Europe.

2 Weeks Set To Return For 2011

Those with long memories who look back to how the travel industry was faring in the 1980's will remember vacations were an established part of the calendar for many couples and families - more often than not it was taken in August, would be for a couple of weeks, and it would be the year after before the routine was repeated - often to the same location, and more often than not at same villa or hotel.

Why Is London One of the Top Travel Destinations

Do you wish to know the secret behind the glory and what makes the English capital city more captivating, interesting, intriguing and hypnotic? London is at the forefront of modern and ancient culture. Renowned for art, entertainment and fashion, the city stands proud amongst the world’s best cities. Although London has seen a massive growth in all areas in recent years, the traditional manifestations remain evergreen even today.

Paris - Boats, Rivers, Romance And Splendour Rolled In One

Paris is one of the world’s top ranking tourist spot. The beauty of France’s capital comes alive when you can discover it on a boat. There are many options available to explore the mesmerizing capital through a river tour. River Seine flows across the city and has exciting cruises to offer. On this river in Paris, barge and boats can always be seen afloat.

Making The Best Of Your Trip To Aviemore

It's not until you take a good look at everything that Scotland has to offer, that you discover what a fantastic destination it can be for a trip. With exciting and inviting cities, to great views and surroundings, a vacation in Scotland could be exactly what you're looking for.

Time for a Romantic Break?

Paris is seriously romantic for anyone in a new relationship, long-time lovers, or married couples, the city is full of suprises and glamour that is sure to captivate even the world-weary amongst you. A moonlight stroll along the River Seine, a trip up the Eiffel Tower, and an afternoon spent in a wine hazed bistro are just some of the options available to fill your weekend.

England's South Coast : A Guide For Tourists

South East England, Greater London and the East of England. There are so many things to see on England's South Coast that it would be impossible to recount them in few words. Look into all of the other wonderful things to do and see when you plan to visit this charming area.

Castilla y Leon A treasure of monuments

Castilla Y Leon is called a place of historical monuments. Interestingly the Government of Spain has made every effort to preserve these monuments which are believed to have been built several centuries ago. These are very beautiful monuments which attract many visitors throughout the year. Let us now go round this town.

Less Famous Places to Visit in Beautiful Austria

Austria is a country that attracts a great number of visitors from all corners of the world throughout the year, because it is just such a marvelous place to see! Of course, the grand majority of visitors are people who enjoy snowboarding, skiing or other winter activities.

Almeria Is A Heaven for Tourists Visiting Spain

Almeria is the first choice for those who visit Spain and want to spend their holiday in the beautiful environment, also visiting places of history. The city is always filled with tourists always busy when he visits Almeria because there is so much to see and enjoy.

Planning Your Europe Holiday

Dreaming of your Europe holiday to England, Scotland, Ireland, France or Germany? Check out the travel routes to your dream destinations and contact your travel company for the air tickets, insurance and vacation package, and get packing.

Sharp Fall For Malta Holidays

Peak summer holidaymaker arrivals numbers for Malta holidays this year could slump by as much as 20 per cent according to a British based travel company. After recent years of growing demand, the island's tourism industry will be disappointed with the sharp fall.

Wonderful Brussels - Seat of the European Union

Brussels is not only the home of the European Union. The Belgian capital is a diverse and attractive city in its own right, a town rich in history and full of places to see. Designated the cultural capital of Europe in 2000, Brussels is no mere town of faceless bureaucrats. It has its own story to tell.

Rome, the Eternal City

Situated in the region of Lazio, Rome is not only known as the Eternal City after its historic background, but Rome is also the capital city of Italy, its most populous city and one of the most popular European tourist destinations, attracting over 26 million visitors each year.

Paris, the French City of Light

Paris is situated in the heart of the Ile-de France, capital of the country and world famous capital of fashion, art, architecture and the so-called bon-vivant lifestyle attracting million visitors a year seeking to enjoy some of the bustling activities taking place in almost every corner of the city.

Europe Holiday – London Tour

A haven for tourist, Europe is the sanctuary of many wonderful geographical locations, which makes the tourism industry flourish. From mountains like Alps, seas like the Mediterranean, Pacific and the striking landscapes are the magnets that pull tourist from different parts of the world. This is where Europe Holiday begins.

A Sporting Trip to London

A little outside of England's famous capital city, is situated a small suburb, quiet and unimposing most of the year round and home to one of Britain's best loved TV series, 'The Wombles', but Wimbledon really shines during the Grand Slam tennis tournament which takes place on its courts annually in July.

Hotels in Poland

Before you search for the hotels in Poland, take some time and try to describe Poland, are these words going through your mind? Perseverant, Intriguing, Mystique and mesmerizing if not then let me tell you that while travelling to Poland nostalgia prevails since Poland as country overtime has been massacred by many rulers, and dictators so it not only a symbol of cultural history but also the nation who has suffered a lot.

Ancient Rome Gives Us Domus Aurea - Nero's Golden House

If you are looking for a fascinating attraction in Rome, the ancient ruins of the Golden House of Nero have just recently been opened after years of being excavated and restored. This is great news because even though the house was found during the Renaissance period, it took a big recovery effort in the 1990s to finally make it available.

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