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View the Charms of Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a must-stop destination in Thailand and is a place to visit when one wants to experience the unique and grand Thai festivals. Displaying the rich heritage of an exotic place, Chiang Rai offer tourists the best accommodation and give them the opportunities to be a part of festivals.

Celebrating the Charm of Chiang Mai

Because of the dominance of the temples, Chiang Mai has many festivals which are fun and exciting to watch and participate in. The most famous festival, Loi Kratong is celebrated across Thailand. The festival is believed to take away troubles and is known locally as Yi Peng. Houses and streets are festooned with sky lanterns, in the Lanna tradition.

Remarkable Explorations on South India Tours

Andhra Pradesh is a large state which is among the few in India that brings together people of all faiths and fosters harmony. With a sizeable Hindu and Muslim population, you will notice temples and mosques co-exist side by side and complement one another. Without the other, the beauty of Andhra is truly lost.

Enjoy a Journey of 1000 Spices

With a mind-boggling, multi-cultural and mesmerizing range of restaurants, hotels, cuisines, eateries and cafes, Singapore opens out another fascinating aspect of eating down by the riverside. Resounding with echoes of the maritime history of Singapore, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay still hold traces of their colonial background and bubbles with life and leisure.

A wonderful Country for traveller.

Tourists from corner to corner visit the country to have a flavor of the astounding diversified culture that exists. The country has matchless cultural and geographical characteristics and it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations in the world.

Top Seven Philippine Beaches

With thousands of islands in the Philippine archipelago, 6 beaches are just the top of the iceberg, come and visit the islands and discover other beautiful beaches and natural wonders with friendly people just waiting for you. The Philippines is an island nation located in Southeast Asia with more than 7,100 islands and islets.

Sri Lanka is Becoming the Shopping Centre of South Asia

Sri Lanka, the navigational hub of the Orient in the ancient world, is an island in the Indian Ocean. From north to south it has a maximum length of 447 km and at its widest point it measures 219 km with a total land area of 65,610 sq km.

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