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It is not an 'instant on' procedure to create iPhone App. With over 85,000 iPhone applications already available, the vital factor that has to be done is to discover something that hasn't already been done. Discovering something that will be saleable to the community and appropriate enough to Apple company that they'll allow it onto the store shelves indicates either discovering something new

Introduction to Enterprise Mobile Applications

As the world become more and more mobile, we can expect enterprises to do the same in order to optimize their work force. The idea is to develop an application that is robust, secure and supports a variety of mobile platforms

Retail goes Mobile

With adoption of mobile applications by every industry trying to bridge the gap between the customers and themselves, M-retail is gaining many benefits and the growth in this industry has been tremendous as a result of the apps.

Mobile and Wireless Services

Mobile Services are those services that can be used anytime or the services that don’t require steady state for using are regarded as Mobile Services. Mobile Services is basically a term that is collectively used for various cellular services and communication services. Services such as CDMA, GSM, GPRS, GPS etc. come under this category.

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