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DIY Metal Buildings Can Be Constructed When You Need More Room

Homeowners sometimes find that the longer they live somewhere the more stuff they seem to accumulate. Problem with that is generally they end up not having enough space to put everything, they out grow their homes. But before you think of moving to a larger place, you might want to consider one of the many DIY metal buildings there are available.

Manufacturing Cost Reduction through Design Optimization

Manufacturing cost reduction through design optimization involves several steps to begin with. As you would expect, each step poses unique challenges to be met. Outsourcing part of the manufacturing work is one option that is often considered.

Using flow meters in the manufacture of food and beverages

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities across the UK and Europe need to monitor the flow measurements of ingredients at almost every stage of individual production processes. There will also be a need to monitor the flow of other elements being used during the manufacturing process, such as water, gas and oil.

All About Engineering Product Development

Engineering product development can be explained in four steps, from idea generation to product design to building your first prototype and finally sending the product to production.

What is ultrasonic clamp-on Flow Meter technology and why is it used?

Many industries across the world choose ultrasonic clamp-on Flow meter technology to assist them in their manufacturing processes. But what exactly is a ultrasonic clamp-on Flow meter and how is it used?

Engineering Advancements in Canada

Canadian engineers have had a long history of making astounding advancements in the field of engineering. There have been many engineering developments that have improved the quality of life of people around the world and have led to important discoveries. Listed below are just a few of the major engineering advancements in Canada.

What Everyone Should Know About Integrated Circuit Topography

Integrated circuit topography is the basis for most of our modern technology. From communication and entertainment devices to manufacturing, medical and space technologies. They can even be found in something as simple as our household appliances, like our coffee makers and alarm clocks.

The Impact of Structural Engineers

A structural engineer is critical to the integrity and longevity of any building, bridge, or other structure. The longevity of a building relates directly to its sustainability. The longer the structure lasts, the less construction is needed to replace it.

The Value of Engineering Services

Engineering services represent one of the largest sections of the industrial world, with an estimated $750 billion worth of value addition per year. These services comprise a vast swathe of design and support services essential for the functioning of practically every industry, spread across the entire spectrum of engineering.

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