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Playing with the Right Soccer Equipment

when playing an organised and competitive game of soccer, you need the right soccer equipment to protect yourself from possible injuries. When entering the pitch whether for training purposes or a competition, you should always wear protective equipment, keep in mind that even professionals like Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi have safety equipment to help them avoid injuries.

The Great World Cup Gamble of 2010

In 2004 it was announced that South Africa would host the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament. This was the first time that an African country would hold this prestigious international tournament, which occurs every four years. The African continent has always been looked at as being too unstable, and lacking of resources, to host a major international sporting event like the World Cup or the Olympic Games. But with the support of FIFA and an economy that has been on the rise since 2004, South Africa has become the official, for lack of a better word, "guinea pig" to see how these events would work in Africa.

Who Has Scored The Most Goals In World Cup Soccer History?

Almost every culture around the world has some type of connection to the history of football/soccer. Such cultures as the Ancient Greeks, Persians, Vikings, The Chinese, Japanese, and much more, played a game that is much like todays football/soccer. For instance, The Chinese played "footballer" games dating as far back as about 3000 years ago. However, it was in England that soccer / football really began to grow in popularity.

When Youth Soccer Players Stop Thinking

Does this sound like a bad thing? The title might lead you to think so, but in fact it is a good thing when youth soccer players can actually stop thinking. Follow along and what you will grasp is the key aspect many developing players, parents and coaches are missing.

Champions League: from the First Leg to the Next

Reds and blues will clash again just as Chelsea and Liverpool battle out each other in the Champions League this week. Between the twos first few encounters, Liverpool appears to enjoy the upper hand with Jose Mourinho in town, but the team is not letting its guard down. It saw Chelsea manager Avram Grants strategic genius outshine Liverpools Rafa Benitez last season. Grant was able to devise a play that gave John Terry a shot at the goal.

Calcio – An Italian Passion

Milan has many aspects that it can be proud of besides its culture, beauty and history. The city is home to many of Italy’s rich history and beauty. But apart from such beauty, the city is also home to some of the most notable aspects in the world of sports. The city is home to Inter and A.C. Milan, two of the country’s greatest football teams and the most successful clubs in the nation. These two teams are close rivals in the national football leagues and were also record holders in many titles and championships in the sport. Hence the city should be proud of these two teams.

Italian Soccer – Loving the Play of Calcio

If there is one thing that all Italians love, then it would be calcio, the Italian soccer sport. Calcio is the Italian word for “kick”, even if the original version dos not only include kicking bu also punching, elbowing and head-butting. If you get to be in Italy and would want to start a positive conversation, then be sure to speak good about this old Italian sport. If you want to capture an Italian by heart, make sure that you learn how to play it. It is no big wonder why Italians as well as many people in the world love the Italian version of football as the games exude hours of energy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Soccer Fever

The soccer Fever is coming world cup 2010. World cup the biggest event of soccer. Beside world cup soccer is played all over the world in club form. This includes a variety of soccer equipments like soccer balls, colourfully and sophisticatedly designed, soccer uniform consisting of soccer shirts, soccer shorts, soccer jerseys, socks, caps and different bed sheets and curtains with soccer related prints and the list goes on and on. Initially soccer uniforms were worn only by soccer players. Soccer club team formation is based on following:

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