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How to protect yourself from injury while playing rugby

Anyone who has played or even watched rugby knows that it is an extremely physical full contact sport. With so much physical contact between players there is sure to be a few injuries sustained by players in each match.

What Tactics the British Lions of 2009 Will Imply At British and Irish Lions - Tour to South Africa 2009

The Countdown has already begun, The British Lions and Irish Lions tour to South Africa will happen this summer. Thousands of British Lions fans have already booked their tickets and made reservations to confirm their presence at the event. It will be undoubtedly the biggest and the best event of the year.

Finding the Best Rugby Equipment and Accessories

Rugby is undoubtedly a tough and highly demanding sport. You cannot use any kind of rugby equipment for this contact sport; you are going to need the best equipment and accessories. Whether it is rugby football clothing, equipment or accessories, you should use the best that is available in the market so that it can help you perform well. Once you are in the field of play you will have no time to think about how comfortable your rugby gear or accessories are. If you don’t have the best rugby football clothing and equipment, then you might be distracted by the discomfort caused by poor quality products.

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