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Golf Chipping Strategies - Improving Your Chipping

Chipping is an integral portion of enhancing your abilities as a golfer, and needs to be mastered by any person who desires to play at their greatest. Here, we'll take a brief examine a few key golf chipping techniques that will make sure to assist you increase your game.

Learn About Your Golf Handicap

Many golfers keep a sheet of paper and a pencil with them at all times on the course to keep track of their handicap. You may be one of these golfers that do the same thing. Wouldn't it be great to have it figured out for you instantly with each shot you make? Professional golfers use their handicap every time they golf.

Golf Swing

Mike Austin still sits in the Guinness Book of World Records for hitting the longest drive in a sanctioned golf event. For Guinness to consider it, the drive obviously was verified by many witnesses. So this is no wives tale. Amazingly he hit the shot way back in 1974 at what was the call the U.S. Senior Open (now the US Seniors Championship, a major event on the Champions Tour).

Improving your swing the perfect golf clubs

If you have your own controlling power, then you can easily maintain your direct communication between you and your club. Therefore your own golf grip or control is controlling your golf club. How can you put ball inside brilliantly as a putter, your talent in swinging the ball and how you are challenging against obstacles are some of your controls which you have to keep them strongly.

Golf: Types of Golf Clubs

Golf is an interesting game in which the players try to put the ball in a hole by hitting it golf clubs are a tool of the golf player for hitting the ball. Golfer can use maximum of 14 clubs in a game. There are two types of golf club heads that are known as wood and iron according to the qualities and components with the additional use of widgets and putters. Different clubs are used for different purposes.

Golf Apparels An Interesting Mix Of Tradition And Style

With its humble beginnings in USA in the 19th century, golf has definitely come a long way. Considered as one of the most popular sports in USA, it is also famous as a traditional and gentleman’s game. This conservative image has also been extended to golf apparels. Interestingly, along with the game, golf attires have also undergone various changes.

Tips To Book Discount Tee Times

It is easier to find discount tee times than one may imagine. Earlier, it was a common notion that cheap tee times mean playing during the hottest part of the summer, ending up at bad golf courses, or teeing off only on a particular day of the week. This may be the case of yesteryears but now golfers can tee off at some of the finest private and public golf courses of the country at low rates.

Golf Books For Polishing Gaming Expertise

There are many who think that all golf books come loaded with the usual instructions of improving the game on the public or private golf courses. Well, not always. Some books, of course, provide useful information about golf but there are others that provide a delightful insight in the lives of famous golfers;

Why Choose Custom Fitted Golf Clubs?

One of the major mistakes anyone can make when they want to learn how to play golf is to run out and pay a lot of money for a spanking new set of gleaming and pricey golf clubs. For anyone just beginning to play you need to take your time before buying as otherwise you will end up having wasted a lot of money on an expensive set that just don't suit your swing.

Tips On How To Enjoy The Game Of Golf No Matter What Your Budget Is

If you are a golfer, or intending to become one, you will have already knew that purchasing equipment and accessories are usually expensive especially if you want the most up-to-date, all singing all dancing complete with bells and whistles, golf clubs.

Columbus Golf Courses

Columbus golf courses are known for their unique golf course architecture and ultimate luxury. Some of these private golf courses are designed by renowned golf architects like Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Jack Kidwell.

Changing the Swing Weight of a Golf Club

Shafts' weight varies with the design and material used in it. For instance, a regular Apollo steel shaft with mid-kick point weighs about 5.19 ounces, the same shaft made from graphite weighs around 4.19 ounces. If we further go to boron graphite shaft, it weighs around 3.12 ounces, which still reduces if we exclude the boron.

Choosing a Shaft for Your Golf Club

Shafts specifications are very important to people who love to play the game and are more able to compensate for the inadequacies of a piece of equipments, so it is immeasurable more important for the average golfer to have club setup the right way.

Selecting the Right Amount of Shaft Flex for Your Needs

In golf, the flex is generally categorized in five categories: stiff, extra stiff, regular, senior, and ladies. It is important for a golfer to choose the flex type that best suits his needs and this is the vital characteristic of the shaft, which requires special attention and consideration.

Golfing Is No More Expensive!

You are a passionate golf lover who loves to play at different golf courses but develop cold feet thinking about the high cost. Or you are going on a vacation and want to rekindle your love for the game. However you drop the idea thinking about the high price. What if we tell you that you can get discount, as high as 50% to golf courses across USA?

New York Private Golf Clubs – An Affair To Remember!

Anyone who has visited New York City would agree that it is one of the busiest cities of the world; buzzing with energy and life. Rated by as one of the best golf cities in America, it boasts of more than 950 public and private golf courses. Your search for memorable golfing experiences and value for your money can meet its perfect destination in New York private golf clubs.

Golf Lessons Are Not Just for Beginners

Even veteran golf players can benefit of instruction from a golf professional. No swing is ever perfect, at least not consistently. However, with proper instruction, a better golf swing is certainly possible. In fact, most players could benefit from lessons to help improve both their swing and their stance.

Golf clothing for all

Golf is a sport that requires comfortable wear, whatever the weather is like. From winter golf hats and waterproofs to golf polo shirts and baseball caps, there is something to be found for all types of weather conditions. Men have a few choices when it comes to golf wardrobe, the first being shirts.

A Small Golf Tutorial

Golf is a great sport, having numerous fans from all over the globe. It's a game where participants strike a little ball with a special club, trying to bring it to a golf hole which is very far away from the place where it starts. The game starts in a field called teeing ground, and continues into the 2nd area, "putting green", at the limit of which the target hole is located.

Taylor Made Burner Driver

The Taylor Made Burner Driver is a fantastic addition to the golf world and people all over the world are finding it to be an asset to their game and a pleasure to play with.

Where to Buy Ladies Golf Clubs

Are you in the market for a new set of ladies golf clubs? If so, you have many options. There are several manufacturers that are well known for catering to this demographic. That being said, you will

Ladies Golf Clubs: What to think about when buying

Buying ladies golf clubs is not as difficult as it sounds. That being said, there are some details that you have to keep in mind. In other words, you don't want to go into the process thinking that ev

Promotional Golf Polo Shirts

One of the best types of promotional product is clothing, and golf polos are particularly popular. These are highly practical t-shirts that are fairly cheap to manufacture and that people can wear about the house or when they're going out to play sports or use the gym. Unlike a mug or a pen then, a golf polo with the company logo on it will get worn out and about and will be seen by hundreds of people as a result.

What Is Torque in a Golf Shaft?

One of the buzzwords in golf these days is torque, which refers to the twist of a shaft under stress. When steel shafts were all you fitted to your clubs, torque was irrelevant for steel shafts have about 2° of twist, but with the growing popularity of graphite shafts, torque has become an integral part of design.

Tips on Buying a golf club set for a beginner golfer.

There are some characteristics that a golf set must have in order to be an optimum fit for a beginner. Finding the proper length is essential. The average "off the rack" set may be appropriate for some but not for all. It would be in the beginner's best interest to have a few basic measurements taken.

Brands to choose from when purchasing a Three wheel golf push cart

There has been a surge in golfers choosing to walk on the golf course and forgo their traditional double strap carry stand bags and use one the many three wheel push carts that are offered through Golf stores and the Internet.

Visiting an Online Golf Store

Golf is a game with a very long and rich history. Millions of people have taken to the sport with the intent to master it, but even the most attentive gold player has to go back to the basics sometimes in order to go further in the sport as a whole. In order to do that, they have to have the right tools in the first place.

Make A Plan Before Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the interesting games in the world and is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. One should plan to his needs before selecting cheaper golf clubs; it will help one to avoid loosing his money and time. As a useful advice, one must have open mind to accept used and cheap golf clubs.

Online Golf Store

If you’re looking to start playing golf you should know first of all that chances are this isn’t something you’re going to ever stop. Golf is incredibly addictive and can eat up years of your life as you try to improve your handicap, it is in fact as much of a life commitment as marriage.

Safe Buying of Discount Golf Clubs through the Internet

Most golfers would like to find and buy discount golf clubs. Buying golf clubs at a discounted price is perfectly alright because everyone with a sound mind would always prefer a bargain rather then pay a high price. Therefore, it is perfectly alright if you want to buy them at discounted price.

Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs is a great idea for buying at a cheap price. You can search for golf clubs that are sold cheaply in the sports shops in your area. Sometimes you can find golf clubs that are put on sale. So whenever you find them, you should grab opportunity and buy the clubs right away.

Amazing Golf Fitness Training

Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps the best way to improve your game is with a golf fitness program? Many people believe that the only way to shave points from their golf game is by spending hour upon hour on the driving range. While this is indeed an effective and necessary component of improving your game, golf fitness can and should be practiced off of the course, and it can drastically improve your golf game.

Creating a Business Plan for 2010 for Your Golf Club

As we enter the final few months of 2009, your golf club should be well on its way to being finishing, if not finished with its Business Plan for 2010. Yet, I find that in many cases golf clubs have not yet even started the process. When I ask why the plan hasn't begun, I hear a litany of amusing responses, well actually unfounded excuses. A sampling of the feedback includes:

Enhance Your Golfing With Shiatsu Chair Recliners

If you golf, then you know that warming up prior to playing is an important prerequisite. Warm up consists of proper stretching to elongate your muscles and to increase the range of mobility of your joints. It is important to loosen tight muscles and get them prepared for your golf game. This helps to improve your performance and to lessen the chance of injury. Massage chairs have incorporated many important massage therapy functions that can help prepare you for your next golf tournament.

Golfing in the Lake District

Cumbria - the Lake District is spoilt for choice when it comes to high quality golf courses, most of which offer stunning views across the best of the Lakeland countryside.

Be Well Informed Before You Buy a Used Electric Golf Cart

When deciding on which golf cart to purchase, many buyers should consider whether or not they should buy a new or used electric golf cart. The decision to buy a used electric golf cart could help save a lot of money and there are very little noticeable differences between the two especially if the used golf cart has been properly maintained.

Arizona Golf – A Golfer’s Paradise

If you’re a serious golfer than you’ve probably been to Arizona where some of America’s best golf courses await your tee time. Even if you’ve played in Arizona often, here’s some courses you might have missed.

Golf Rain Gear Just the Facts Maam

Golf rain gear is essentially used by golfers when the weather is wet. Especially if you play in the northern states that get a lot of rain. Sometimes we dont have a choice but to tough it out through some soggy rounds

Golfing Necessities Including Golf Drivers and Golf Apparel

Whether you are a serious golfer, or you are just starting out in this fun, leisurely sport, then there are a few basic items you're going to need. After all, you can't exactly play a sport without being prepared with all of the necessary equipment, right?

Golf GPS Systems

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that uses satellites to show its location on the planet. The system offers reliable positioning and navigation constantly and is free to everyone with a GPS receiver.

How Owning the Proper Golf Equipment Can Enhance Your Game

Well, after six weeks without touching a golf club, I found myself with a few friends and a Tuesday morning tee time at a course down in Long Beach. The first hole was pretty straightforward… with a wide fairway and an expansive green protected only by a few bunkers wide to either side, the shot seemed pretty simple.

Golf Shirts are a Versatile Choice for Many an Occasion

Golf shirts have definitely made their mark, and their reach extends far beyond the golf course. These comfortable, sport-friendly shirts have become almost a staple of the business casual world. You can find salesmen and even saleswomen sporting golf shirts in a variety of industries, including auto parts stores, personal care spas and the telemarketing company just down the street.

New Women’s Golf Apparel Selections Add Fashion to The Green

Golf has become a much more eclectic sport than it has previously been thought as. Despite popular belief, lots of women love the sport of golf. We all know that men enjoy the relaxation and leisurely pace that comes with a good game of golf among friends, and let me tell you, so do women!

Golf Shoes to Improve Your Game; Golf Hats to Improve Your Comfort

The 18th green stands alone in the late afternoon sun. You are one par away from your best round to date. Addressing the golf ball, you squint into the distance, aligning your shot. You bring your club back for your backswing, and the subsequent tee shot slices directly into the lake off to the right.

Used Golf Equipment For Golf Aficionado’s

Golf is considered a great game, which involves loads of focus, determination, and mental abilities. It is very essential for a golf enthusiast to have all the right golf equipment and those who cannot afford the expensive golf equipment, buying used golf equipment is the best option. Golf is generally considered a great game, which is based on determination, focus, and mental abilities. In addition, an overlooked aspect of golf that is also very essential for a golf player to know is the equipment used to play golf.

Core Flexibility - The Key to a Consistently Powerful Golf Game

The term athlete has never more aptly applied to golfers than it does today. While strength continues to remain an important part of the game, power gained through flexibility and balance are now what put a great golf game within reach for many.

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