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RYA is the national body in the United Kingdom which is responsible for all forms of boating such as yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, sport boats and RIBs, dinghy, inland cruising and narrow-boats, powerboat racing and personal watercraft.

Importing Boats From United States

The best way to import a boat from the United States is to hire a broker who will deal with the whole process for you. However importing boats from the United States is possible on your own but requires a little more work and legal knowledge. If you do use a broker (which is highly recommended for the reasons described below) then it is still useful to understand the process and the items you need to check.

Sailboats For Sale - Get Your Own Sailboat Right Now

Some individuals have the inherent passion for cars, for others it is luxury homes, and for others it's the enjoyment of sailing on the oceans. Sailing has perpetually been a relaxing and noble pastime. Some individuals opt to just have an ownership in a boat, which is very just like the principle of timeshares, whereas others would rather have their own watercraft. The latter may be a trend that we are seeing, mainly caused the demand by the baby boomers.

Boat Charter in Dubai

Boat Charter in Dubai are getting more popular as the winter approaches. A yacht is the perfect choice for a wedding, honeymoon, or corporate event in Dubai. With events ranging from wedding receptions, parties, corporate hospitality or even simple cruises around the Middle East many more people are choosing boat hire over and above traditional event options.

Boat Evaluation Guidelines for Newbies

Determining how much your vessel is worth a fundamental, but also one of the hardest elements of owning a hobby watercraft, especially when the boat is up for sale, but also for the buying counterpart, as well as for professional such as surveyors and insurance representatives.

Top Things to know in Boat Maintenance.

It is a desire of most people to have their own boat, but only a few are aware that from the moment they buy it that they have to see to its maintenance. A boat owner should be aware of proper maintenance tips in order to keep it in good working order and looking attractive.

30' Sailboat Racing

I always thought you can't do much with a 30 sailboat but sail around the bays, with an occasional hop to a not so far away harbor. I was wrong.

Travel - International Air Travel Rules

Are you planning on attending a business meeting or taking a pass out of the country? If so, you will need to book a seat on an international flight. Have you ever been on an international flight before? If not, there are a number of factors that you should first consider, such as the international air travel rules.

Safely Launch Your Fixed-Keel Sailboat

If your sailboat has a keel that pulls up, you might consider yourself lucky. This type of boat can be launched just like you would launch a regular motorboat. But if your sailboat has a fixed keel, it will take some detailed procedures. Remember, keep safety first! With a fixed keel, the trailer has to back down to the end of the ramp to get the boat into water deep enough to float and then be disconnected from the trailer.

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