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Dominican Republic and Extraordinary Women

Dominican author Yildalina Tatem Brache began writing a book illustrating the lives of Dominican women who had made a major mark on the history of the nation. Eventually the book idea evolved into a film about six women and their lives: Gladys Gutierrez, Josefina Padilla, Tomasina Cabral, Belgica Adela (Dede) Mirabal, Mary Perez de Marranzini, and Ivelisse Prats Ramirez de Perez. Through the film, the ladies speak honestly about their lives and the hardships they endured. The narrator asks each woman to identify their vision for the future of the Dominican Republic, and the responses are surprising for any viewer.

Volunteers Lending Hands For the Less Fortunate

Recently, St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix’s downtown dining room was fortunate to receive extra help serving food to the more than 700 homeless and working poor guests that get a nourishing meal there each and every day.

Dealing with Isolation

The sense of isolation is more prominent in Western societies as these people have confined themselves in their shells, and no one bother to show any interest in talking with neighbors or of least concerned about what is going on the street or neighborhood or even in your own home.

The Digital Family Tree: Methods of Research Explored

There are many things to think about in conducting your family history research, but concentrate on good practice most of all – forget lessons hard-learned; start off as you mean to go on by having to hand anything that can deepen your research, and subsequently any means of storing and using your findings quickly and easily.

On My Own Forever

Let me be clear about one thing though; I don't hate men. Au contraire! Men are rather exquisite works of art and I've certainly been known to have hours and hours of fun with them. But I've noticed that when I'm on my own, I'm just much happier.

So You Think You Want You Ex Back

My break up with someone routine is pretty specific. I pretend they don't exist and do a lot of crying. Also included in this routine are plenty of chocolate, weight gain, weight loss, and more crying. Eventually I'll make peace with that pig of a human being, I mean, that lovely person who was once the light of my life.

Custom Awards

The current global economic meltdown and economic recession is dampening the spirits of many employees. They are loosing the motivation to work, and a large majority of them turn up at work without any desire to work, and end up unproductively worrying about the job security. The fear of losing their job hampers the productivity of many employees. Even if they do something really worthwhile, the perception is that company executives are too busy filling up their own pockets to recognize their contributions.

Young Modeling Tips

Its all about young models and modeling agency. Browse young model interview, casting call and audition details. Share your experience through modeling blog.

Surprising Someone with Flowers

Surprises can immediately perk up anyone’s mood. If worked perfectly fine, it would surely complete a person’s day. This article shows a list of some ideas for a wonderful surprise to cheer up that special someone.

What Leads People to Risk their Lives for Strangers?

Only weeks ago, we again saw a community living on a barrier island suffer the misfortune of wind, waves and storm surge, wiping clean a portion of that narrow strip of land known as Galveston Island in Texas. The upside of this recent event is the response from a literal “Army of Volunteers” who braved the storm to rescue those stranded, and who are now helping the homeless in the Texas heat without power, potable water or a comfortable bed.

Flowers Speaks Out your Hearts

Flowers are known to make great impact on the minds of people. This philosophy has contributed much to the development of floristry industry. It has ever been a great as well as popular idea to offer someone a flower as a token of good gesture. The lovers throughout the world have enriched this tradition immensely. They take great pride in offering their soul mates flowers. There are many you can use a flower to express your heart. Following are mentioned the ways you can express you can express yourself with the help of a flower.

Everything a Woman Needs

Women tend to spend more time on surfing the World Wide Web than men for various reasons. In spite of their busy day and overwhelming household chores they some how steal time to keep themselves up to date on the latest fashion, celebrity news, healthy diet, entertainment news etc. The main reason being that there are a number of websites that are exclusive for beauty and fashion, health and physical fitness, dieting tips etc.

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