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Masks for New Year's

Masquerade masks were traditionally produced in Italy to become a type of diversion to the townfolk throughout festival season, and stuck on effortlessly as, once disguised behind a mask, the gentlemen and women could freely blend with the commoners throughout event. Old Italian law proclaimed both classes were not authorized to mingle, a law that, if violated could result in serious discipline. Even in the face of such penalty, the noblemen with the clergy would conceal themselves and socialize among the commoners, doing their very best to ferret out very important political knowledge from them. The design of the masquerade disguise can be as basic or as detailed as the maker could dream of. Because beads, ribbon and feathers were typically plentiful and radiant, they were popular materials on masks. After their creation in Italy, the attraction of the masquerade mask spread out quickly worldwide.

Why Army Girl Costumes are becoming popular in Halloween

Army Girl Costumes are becoming more and more popular among women for Halloween. Just check out any of the Halloween photos of your friend, you will always find most of the girls dressed as army girl. What is the reason behind this?

Renaissance Clothing Makes a New Fashion Statement along with Modern Dresses

Renaissance clothing items are very much preferred now for medieval parties. In different types of events such as theme marriage, Ren faire, Halloween and various other events, every attendee wants to look different and attractive. For this, both men and women use different things right from dress to jewelry, makeup to hair style.

Are Fancy Dress Costumes Still Popular?

Wearing fancy dress costumes on special occasions is not a new concept. The costume parties where the people appear in attractive fancy dress have been very popular in the United States for quite a long period of time.

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