Dreamtime Stories and Aboriginal Art: Facts to know.

Dreaming is considered as the focal point of Aboriginal religion and life. They are inspired by their dreams and it is reflected in the paintings and art forms. For an average Aboriginal, dreaming is not just an activity. It is an inspiration which have helped them to depict different stories like the formation of earth and life. The art forms are related with Australian dreamtime stories.

The early paintings which were found in cave resembled footprints and handprints. A gradual change was noticed and the drawings represented hunt, humans and rituals. It was noticed that it was Dreaming which have inspired such art. A common concept among the Aboriginals is that all of them have emerged from Dreamtime. They are very much connected to that. They feel at one with nature and mountains. When one looks at the Australian creation story, one cannot help but notice that infinite connection man with nature.

The Aboriginal art forms and paintings have depicted family as symbolic. On the rock walls, they have drawn ceremonial boards. They feel that they are connected with the cosmos with little things like trees, rivers and mountains. Spiritual powers have helped them to see beyond the apparent reality and have transported them to a world, where they can see and look for hidden powers. The paintings are more than an assimilation of figures and colors. The painting had a life of its own. The person depicted in the painting is as good as real. If he is not respected, he will simply emerge out of the painting and overpower the senses of the painter.

Among the numerous Aboriginal art forms which have invoked interest, the most interesting is grave posts. They were sculpted. Most of them were used as part of the funeral if a person of importance died. The posts were used to make a memorial marker. It was out of sheer respect for the dead, that the Aborigines placed the posts in all four corners. The sculpting however depicted the story of spirits and death, and the cycle of life. Stories centered on this ritual were circulated and they are passed on to generations. Now it has almost become a part of their culture. The drawings will unfold the story of the dead.

Stories that surround many of the Aboriginal art forms are popular even now. If the spirits of the dead felt threatened, they would disappear and be a part of trees, or rocks. This was one of the reasons behind the frequency with which the objects were used in paintings. A good place to find different unique art objects is Australia Souvenir. This online shop offers some of the treasured collections of Australia. All the items are distinctive which makes them all the more desirable. The collection boasts of paintings and art objects from all parts of Australia.

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Dreamtime Stories and Aboriginal Art: Facts to know.


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