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Creating Change Through Corporations

There seems to be a growing stigma at businesses (for-profit), with an ever-increasing idea that you are a better citizen if you instead start a charity (not-for-profit). Why are we really wanting to stunt innovation, strategy, and productivity?

What Motivational Courses Can Do For You

The modern world today is facing a lot of issues like recession, serious health conditions, global warming, poverty, etc. So the modern people are also getting negative day by day. Due to which a lot of people need some motivation in life to stay positive and lead a happy life. For such people, motivational courses are a great support.

Guide To Goal Setting

Goal setting has been with us since forever. But, really, is thinking up and dreaming about the goals we have set all there is to it? Of course, not. Goal setting is not simply about expressing what we want out of life, but also having the drive, the perseverance and the action to reach them and make them happen.

How to speed read and comprehend at the same time?

Speed reading is a great virtue in the modern world. It is often required in the business and various other fields. But the question may often be asked “does speed reading help?” or does it

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the urge to do something with set aims. There can be so many factors behind lack of motivation and one should need to look for those factors to overcome them and remain focused and motivated. Sometimes inside motivation become hurdle in achieving one aims.

Who's Your Chief Morale Officer? Look in the Mirror!

Much is asked of leaders during trying times. They must remain focused, calm and optimistic. They need a steady hand, nerves of steel, vision that can see far beyond the horizon and navigate it diligently. Among the hats leaders at many levels wear, one is that of chief morale officer.

Create Expert Status For Next Level Success In Your Career

To create expert status for yourself in your field you can get booked in the media as an expert. This creates a competitive edge for you that is tough for your competitors to match. Here are some tips to get you going. First of all, make a list of everything you can talk about that is important to your industry. Next, expand your list to include real word scenarios likely to exist for your target market. So here's an example, if you are a career expert expand your abilities to comment by looking at the subtopics that affect careers such as "how to get a job when everyone else is losing theirs" or "how to stand out in a pile of resumes. Create expansion points or talking points for each of these sub-categories and you are on your way.

The Power of Encouragement

All people need to feel good; to get and give energy, to have encouragement, appreciation and acknowledgement. So here is the big issue; many leaders don't take the energy and time to provide any form of encouragement at all. None! Encouragemant as a tool can have great power.

Listening Like a Leader

Our studies of the most effective people in corporate America show that the top 2 percent are effective not because they executed best practices well. They did not make the most phone calls or have the best processes. They simply understood the truth about trust: People do business with people they like.

What is Self Esteem

What is self esteem? It is merely an opinion of how you see yourself. There are two types namely high self esteem and low self esteem and between the two, it is better to have the first. This is because high self-esteem enables you to love yourself for who you are while low self esteem doesn't make you grow as a person and make you successful.

4 Core Blueprints to Reclaim your Life

This has been going on forever, since advertising began, but I swear it's getting worse. Everywhere I look I see people advertising quick fixes for almost anything you need, business or personal.

Personal Development Secrets

My favorite personal development tool is my Ipod. Anyone who is serious about changing their life needs to invest in an mp3 player of some sort. I recommend the Ipod. Why do you need an mp3 player? It can hold thousands of songs that can be organized and best of all, it's portable.

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