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Fired At Will? Know If Your Termination is Wrongful

There are many instances wherein your employer’s termination could be an illegal one. One way to look at it is through written promises. If, after hiring, you have been promised by your employer job security or continued employment through a written contract, then you are not an at-will employee.

Essential Federal and California Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace

When talking about the word discrimination, generally it is meant as a different treatment over something from another. For example, a person chooses an apple free of blemishes over another apple that has a few spots on it. The word itself has been used over time, wherein people have treated other people based on certain aspects.

Wrongful Termination Rights of Employees under FMLA

In accordance with FMLA, California employers with 50 or more workers are legally required to provide leave benefits to eligible covered employees. An employee may become eligible for FMLA benefits, such as 12 weeks of unpaid leave, if he has worked for his employer for at least one year.

Types of Gender Discrimination in Santa Monica

Learning the basics concerning employment discrimination is a must for all Santa Monica-based employees in order to rightfully protect their rights. Discrimination in the workplace may come in various forms and one of which is gender bias.

Basic Information about Wrongful Work Termination

Employment law is a legal term used to refer to the legal relationship between the worker and the boss. A violation of the law will often lead to tensions in the workplace, thus lessening the productivity of the employee and may trigger unfavorable treatment coming from the boss.

Federal Disability Retirement: The Absolute OPM Disability Retirement for FERS Employees

Unfortunate events can't be helped especially the ones that lead to disability that will potentially prevent someone from normally performing the important tasks of their work. Even if it doesn't seem to be a common case, there are still some others who have no choice but to painstakingly go through this kind of situation.

Employers Guide to Avoid Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

Pregnancy discrimination cases are costing companies more money than any other claims. In fiscal year 2003, the EEOC and the State and Local agencies collected $12.4 million from lawsuit charges of pregnancy discrimination.

Rights of Pregnant Women in the Workplace

Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination attorneys are able to help women uphold their rights as a pregnant woman in the workplace. They can also protect women and other individuals who oppose discrimination from retaliation from employers, the company, or even fellow employees.

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