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How To Deal With Patent Infringement

Patents enable an inventor to check unauthorized use of his or her invention by other parties for their own personal gains in an illegal and unauthorized manner. They allow the inventor to prosecute a person or firm for trying to make such illegal use of the original invention or its process.

Trademark Laws Protect Small Businesses

Trademarks are considered intellectual property, which also includes things like patents, industrial design rights, music and literature. The laws surrounding these issues are all related to unauthorized youth, but unfortunately they are often confusing and complicated for those uneducated in the legal field. Each sector of intellectual property has its own regulations, requirements and application process.

Register A Trademark In 5 Easy Steps

There are many small business owners that want to register a trademark to ensure that no one else can profit on their name or logo. However, many small business owners do not know where to begin the trademark registration process. The following are 5 steps that any business owner can follow to register a trademark.

Possible Outcomes to Your Patent Suit

There are many possible outcomes to a patent suit. (or, more formally and correctly, a patent infringement lawsuit).

Why Is It Important To Register A Company

Trademark law or patent law is followed in almost every country of the world. The patent office of a particular state or country guarantees protective rights to the company or firm that has applied for it. There are many things that come under patent rights. These include inventions, books etc. The things that are applicable under trademark right are the industrial products and industrial designs.

Guide To Registering A Trademark In Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), being a statutory board under the Ministry of Law, is in charge of trademark registration in Singapore. Any applicant may either deal directly with the Registrar or hire a lawyer or any trademark agent as a go-between acting on his or her behalf.

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