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Louisiana Restaurateurs Lawsuit Against BP May Reach Class Status

A lawsuit brought on by ten Louisiana restaurants and one distributor against BP over the Deepwater Horizon accident may reach class action status. The plaintiffs' Louisiana Maritime Attorney is seeking class action for all restaurant operators and seafood distributors that are located in counties or parishes that touch on or border the Gulf of Mexico in the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

Nuvaring And Blood Clot Treatment

If you have used the birth control ring and developed problems, you may be eligible for compensation. There are statute of limitations that can prevent you from making a claim and it is important to explore your legal options as soon as possible including filing a lawsuit.

5 Keys to Get Your Lawsuit Loan - Now!

Has someone's negligence resulted in injuries that prevent you from working? Has that negligence taken your only car out of commission? Did that negligence result in serious injury for either you or a loved-one?

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