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Four Common Employment Rights Santa Monica Employers Often Violate

California is regarded as an employee-friendly state because of its wide array of employment laws that protect workers. However, despite the fact that such laws are being implemented, still some employers tend to break them.

Importance of Constructing a Great Lawyer Resume

Seeking a job is not an easy factor to do, particularly during a time where there are a lot of unemployed persons and there are lesser offered jobs. This goes for virtually any type of profession. Occasionally lawyers experience this concern. Surviving law school and eventually turning into an attorney is a dream come true for many people. However, they are unable to really express that they have achieved their dreams until they acquire a job. You will discover several things that an aspirant has to so that he or she will have an edge over other job hunters.

Factors Behind Choosing A Web-Based Recruitment Professional

There's been a tremendous trend inside the lives of people as a result of the appearance associated with internet technological advances. Many people are now able to access many things on the web and that's why via the internet recruitment has recently received widely used utilization within just a short time.

Importance of Skills Focus on Job Interviews

Skill emphasis through the interview is very important to show the employer why you distinctive from all the other job candidates. Within this competitive world, companies seek out the most qualified employees by weighing skills with the candidates and determining the way they would profit the company.

A Legal Recruiter And Applicants

Recruitment is no longer a foreign concept to us, because many agencies and companies are already seeking for the help of people who specialize in job placements and doing the application processes themselves. It is understandable that there are certain demands in professions that rise and fall just as the society shifts as well.

The Jones Act: Getting Justice for Seamen and Sailors

The purpose of the Jones Act was to recognize the need for a strong shipping industry for its defense and for the growth of internal and external commerce. However, it also recognizes the need to protect its seamen, who in the process of work, might be injured at sea. In such conditions, it is the responsibility of the ship owner to send the injured employee home.

How to Practice Downsizing Without the Negative Effects

When there is a downturn in the economy and sales start to plummet, one of the first things many businesses start to do is downsize in an effort to curb costs. Since the early 1980's, this has become a common practice for many businesses. The negative effect on employees is one of devastation.

Who Is a Seaman Under the Jones Act

A federal statute known as the Jones Act allows employees to file negligence-based lawsuits against their maritime employers. However, in order to qualify under the Jones Act an injured maritime employee must meet the definition of a "seaman". The technical definition of a seaman states that the employee will be "more or less permanently assigned to a vessel or fleet of vessels in navigation." Each of the three main elements of this definition must be met in order for an injured maritime worker to qualify as a seaman under the Jones Act.

Employment Solicitors In Birmingham Win Unfair Dismissal Case For Deceased Employee

Anyone who has been fired from their jobs, unfairly in their eyes knows the humiliation, embarrassment and urges of revenge that they feel for their mean bosses; but how far would you go to pursue an unfair dismissal trial? Well, one Birmingham man won his unfair dismissal case against his former employees from beyond the grave!

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