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The Situation With The 12 Points Ban

There is a law in the UK that states that drivers who accumulate 12 strokes against their license in the same three-year period are automatically suspended for a period of time. This is called the 12 points ban, and the suspension is usually six months for a first offense. But there is more to the situation.

DUI Things to Know

DUI is not only a dangerous case for the person who is affected, but also for the driver and the other passengers who are driving in the car. DUI leads to significantly enhanced rates of car accidents, property damage and injury to the people. This is why people should refrain from drunken driving. Hence, prevention is better than cure. So drinking should be independent of driving.

Traffic Rules to Be Followed By Drivers of Buses and Tractors

The driver of a motor vehicle should reduce the vehicle speed when approaching a road intersection, a road junction, pedestrian crossing or a road corner. He should not enter, until he is well aware that the he may do so without endangering the safety of persons thereon and should give way to all traffic approaching on the right hand side of the road.

The Importance of A Stop Sign

In order for a community to be safe and secure, people need stop signs and traffic lights to slow down drivers from going too fast and endangering precious human lives When stops signs and traffic lights and installed , people have a tendency to drive slower and look out for people walking in the middle of roads.

History of Drinking and Driving in Canada

Canada has had a long history of combating drinking and driving. When driving while intoxicated became a summary offence under the Criminal Code in 1921, the laws were not as strict as they are today because back then, people who were found guilty of driving while intoxicated were "subject to a term not exceeding thirty days and not less than seven days for a first offence, for a term not exceeding three months and not less than one month, for a second offence, and for each subsequent offence for a term not exceeding one year and not less than three months." (Koles, 2003)

Myths About Driving Laws

There are several myths floating around, particularly on the Internet, about ways that you can avoid being charged if accused of committing a traffic offence. However the fact is that the vast majority of them are simply not true.

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