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Copyright laws play a very important role to promote creativity and the urge to make more and more good work. Copyrights basically protect the people work which they have completed after die hard efforts and after spending much money and their precious time. If a person does not seek the copyrights for his own work, then someone might copy and claim that the work was done by him. In this case, the actual owner cannot sue him in the court as it was basically his own mistake to not have registered the copyrights for his creations.

Fighting Patent Infringement is Expensive!

Should you own a patent that is being infringed, your only course of action is to file a lawsuit against the infringer. There are patent owners who have launched patent infringement lawsuits that resulted in multi-million dollar awards for patent-owner-plaintiff. That’s the good news.

Patent Infringement Rights Are Not Based on Use of the Patent

Many inventors and small businesses own patents that they do not use or license. The common terminology when a patent owner uses a patent to produce a product or service is to practice the patent. A patent owner that does not practice the patent it owns is known in the legal system as an NPE or non-practicing entity. On the other hand, the patent owner that does practice a patent it owns is known as a market participant.

IP Protection Strategy for Highly Sensitive, Short Life-Cycle Software Driven Analytical Technologies

This is a plane language outline of a suggested Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategy that is appropriate for a typical financial services company's R&D position, one which provides flexibility to react to future challenges to such a company's proprietary IP assets.

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