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Making an Independent Contractor Agreement

In making any contract, it is important that all the terms of the agreement and the possible sanctions for the party who did not abide by these terms are indicated. This would prevent foreseeable disputes among parties and will clearly limit their responsibilities and obligation.

Demystifying Contract

In the last few years, the pressure on the technology companies to perform has been tremendous which has resulted in over promising. Added together the environment of high stakes and less tolerance, the risks for the technology companies have grown manifold.

Got Subcontractors? Protect Your Interests with a Subcontractor Agreement

It’s hard to find a talented independent contractor you can trust to represent your company when working with a client. Once you do find a good one, however, it's a person that you want to keep on your team for future projects. The downside is, your favorite independent contractor is more than likely someone that your clients would love to have on their team...

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