What exactly is a VPS

Virtual private server or VPS. Maybe you've heard of this acronym, but what exactly is a VPS?

It is a hosting particularly suitable for those with special needs, typical of a dedicated server, but still want the convenience of a shared solution.

VPS performs a particular job: software reproduces the features of a dedicated server: you can configure it as you like, you can add applications that you believe appropriate, you can manage CPU and RAM as you think .

So what? Start with a classic shared hosting, maybe an offer for small startup projects. Then throw in something because customers increase and you have greater needs in terms of resources. Then comes time to take the plunge: go with the dedicated server. But it costs a lot, and the maintenance is not for everybody.

Should I?

No, there is the VPS to try.

The advantage of a VPS solution is obvious: it costs less than a dedicated server and can offer a number of similar characteristics.

In addition, the majority of providers, allows you to choose between a solution full access or manged. The first you organize it directly, the second is managed by the support.

But there are also clear limits: VPS hosting is a virtualization of a dedicated server. It has the characteristics of a machine dedicated to a single customer but the resources are physically shared with other users.

Basically, a VPS hosting is the middle way between those who does not fall within shared hosting but do not want or can not venture the dedicated solution.

It is not easy to manage a VPS for those who are beginners, but the best service providers offer a managed VPS solution. It is run by a team of technicians that allow you to overcome all difficulties.

Looking for a VPS solution that is right for you?

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