How to create a successful website?

The answer to the above question is simple: you can create a successful website giving users exactly what they want, instead of insisting to give them what you like! For creating a successful website you must follow some basic rules.

You have taken the first 2 steps for your web presence registering the Domain Name and choosing your best Hosting Plan. Now all that remains to do is to create the site. Always keep in mind the following rules.

-.Create an intuitive navigation structure.

A site to appeal to visitors must be quick to navigate, the navigation structure should be clear, intuitive and usable.

-.Give an appropriate name to the images and add the "ALT" tag.

The images are not seen by search engines, but their names are seen and indexed by Google Images. This can lead more visitors to your site.

-.Choose the appropriate page titles for visitors and serch engines.

The page names and titles, the folder names, themain titles and subtitles of each page are very important for proper engine indexing and also for visitors. So choose them wisely.

-.Test the page. It should load very quickly.

We have few seconds to convince the visitor that it is the right place, if the pages are slow, we risk to lose him or her.

-.Always add quality content to index a website in search engines.

Visitors want information, not special effects! So add quality content on a regular basis.

-.Motivate visitors to take action.

Being among the top results in Google will not be helpful if visitors do not contact us. We must motivate them to act, call, write, ask for information, visit our office.

-.Display customer testimonials on the site.

Testimonials are very useful for our visitors, especially if they are verifiable.

-.Be in the first pages of Google for relevant terms..

Indexing a site is done automatically by the search engines based on how the site was done. It's not something we can do after we created the site. After is too late to do anything. So be sure to follow the above rules.

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