Website Usability: Choosing the appropriate page titles

Having your website to the top of Google and have many visitors is useless if users leave your pages before reading what was your intention to communicate.

The title of the topic is the first thing the visitors read. After reading it, they decide whether to read the rest of the page or leave the site. The secret to ensure that visitors read our pages is the ability to create titles that motivate them to read the whole article. Do not use misleading titles for web pages. The title must be closely related to the subject of the article. The reader will understand after few lines that we are writing about a topic, which is different from that anticipated by the misleading title.

It is exactly what happens when we read a newspaper. We read the title, and according to it, we decide whether or not to continue reading the whole article.

Page titles and arguments contained in them must be clearly visible and have a content such as to motivate the visitor to stay on the page to read what we want to communicate.

It ust arouse its curiosity, we must not think only of titles suitable for search engines; we have to think about what can involve, intrigue and motivate our visitors to read.

How can we find compelling titles?

How many alternatives exist to create a title that works?

The title may be based on questions or statements.

Example of titles based on the statement:

* Website design at an affordable price

* Here you can find the right template for your site

* On this site you can find useful information about web design

* We produce high quality websites at affordable prices

Examples of titles based on questions:

* Want to have your template with a 10% discount?

* Do you want a quality site at low cost?

* Want more visitors to your site?

* Looking for a way to promote your site?

Generally, titles based on questions give visitors more motivation to read the rest.

We can further improve the titles basing it on a problem.

Examples of title based on the questions and issues that our potential customer may have.

* Are you wasting your time trying to build a website?

With titles like these we can increase by 50% the time spent by visitors on our page.

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