The Web design styles: characteristics of a website in magazine style

Magazine style: what is it?

The word says it all: the magazine style refers to the typical design of journalists publications, on paper or on the web. In recent years, the magazine style has emerged very quickly, especially among the blog who need to provide users with a large number of information and who want to give a professional impression and a highly intuitive display mode of the same.

The characteristics of a magazine style layout can be summarized as follows:

- Readable, anyway: the reading of the texts should be challenging and should not tire the user. For this most of the web magazine (and not only) prefer the use of sans-serif font and black text on white background. For the sake of readability it is preferable to avoid layout in magazine style whose main color is black because the contrast of a white font on a black background makes reading very difficult even for relatively short texts.

- Essential graphics, minimalist: the magazine style minimizes graphic tinsel and relies entirely on the contents. It is a style that was born exclusively to inform and not to exalt the purely aesthetic characteristics of the site.

- Design based on a grid: the grid concept, well known in the traditional design and digital design, has a very strong value in this type of layout. The harmony and the respect of the proportions in which the content (usually massive) are distributed on the page are essential to enable the page to retain its own aesthetic balance and the contents remain easily accessible, not going in conflict disorienting the user.

- Intuitive navigation and usability: we have said that the graphics of a layout in this style is very simple; another peculiarity is undoubtedly the ease of navigation within the site, almost always through a horizontal and highly intuitive menu. The usability at any cost is another concept of a magazine that owes its success to the ease of use of their content.

- A brief incipit of the various contents: a website that produces a lot of content has the necessity to organize them in a structural way, so to give as much information to the user as they can. A large number of items corresponds to a breadth of topics that can affect, at the same time, a large portion of the public. In summary, the key concept is to show a little bit of everything so that whoever enters the home page will find something that will attract and encourage him to stay as much as possible on the website.

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