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Many webmasters today are doing Search engine optimization. This technique which is most commonly referred to as SEO is a means of improving the quantity as well as quality of a website's traffic originating from the organic results of a given search engine. In most cases, SEO is done on an unpaid basis and therefore should not be confused with any other forms of marketing.

One can look at Search Engine Optimization as a very broad concept. You can quite easily target any type of visitor to a website, but this will not make you any money. By targeting specific visitors who live in a particular region or who are looking for a particular product, service or idea, you can make money through virtually any website.

As an unpaid form of marketing, SEO is still considered to be a marketing technique as it is a means of making your website available to more people. This is for a more specific audience, but it is still none the less a marketing technique that every webmaster must eventually employ.

Thanks to the many people out there who spend their days improving websites and learning how to make a website rank better, there are now a number of Search Engine Optimization services available today. Keep in mind that even if you do pay for these services, SEO is still considered to be an unpaid marketing technique as you are not paying the search engines directly and are not actually guaranteed any results.

When you perform SEO on a website, not only should you take into account the actual content of any given pages of a website, but also need to perform necessary changes to the source code of the website itself.

Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web was developed in 2005 as a means of fighting the consistent spamming of the internet. This group has successfully determined what one can consider to be an aggressive SEO technique and what is an honest one. As a result of this group, those webmasters who are using dishonest SEO techniques are being found and their traffic is getting banned from the search engines.

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