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Counter Crime Agencies in Finland Bust Cybercrime Ring

Recently, counter crime agencies in Finland busted a cybercrime ring, which attempted to steal funds from accounts of legitimate banking customers. Attackers purportedly used a financial Trojan to extract login credentials of around 89 customers of Nordea Bank early last year. Iinformation security professionals of the bank were able to detect the fraudulent transactions and were successful in recovering substantial portion of the funds.

Security Professionals Detect Gold-rush Spam

Cybercriminals are proactive in leveraging events to their advantage. They do not miss any opportunity to target unwary Internet users, irrespective of the nature of the event. Recently, security researchers at Symantec identified a Gold-rush spam that attempts to take advantage of rise in gold Prices.

Law Enforcement Authorities Bust Vishing Scam

Recently, counter crime agencies in China arrested 23 persons alleged to be involved in a massive voice phishing or vishing scam. Vishing is a type of attack wherein fraudsters try to seek sensitive information over phone call. The fraudsters allegedly targeted South Korean citizens. The arrest follows an agreement between South Korean and Chinese Authorities to combat against vishing scams.

Microsoft Cautions Users of Vulnerabilities in Chrome and Opera

MSVR advisories will contain alerts on vulnerabilities privately reported by Microsoft to third-party vendors and will normally be issued only after vendor-supplied patch is available.

Oracle Plans to Address 73 Security Vulnerabilities in Next Quarterly Critical Patch Update

Vulnerabilities are identified by professionals qualified in IT degree programs and security certifications such as penetration testing. Developers encourage both in-house and independent security researchers to detect and report security flaws so that they can be mitigated before exploitation by attackers.

Step-By-Step Procedure of SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificate are easily available from the web host or can also be purchased from authorized companies such as Verisign, COMODO and so on. A web host can install the SSL certificate as the part of customer service as the SSL certificate is generally a third party offering.

The Value of Website Security Testing Through a Regular Audit

Pssst, buddy... Wanna buy something on my website? Many people shopping on the Internet often feel like they're being approached by that shady Muppet character trying to sell Ernie m's on Sesame Street. They can't tell one website from another, and here they are posting valuable bank account or credit card information anytime they buy something online.

The Importance of Web Application Penetration Testing

What's more important: application penetration testing or simply assessing the vulnerability of your system? Does anyone in your company know key information about your systems? Obviously, you'll have employees that already know key information about your systems. The sad truth is you can't completely trust every employee, especially former staff that has been fired.

Are You a Target for Social Networking Identity Theft?

Social networking. Most of us do it. For some of us it’s an addiction. But it can be dangerous. Social networking identity theft is on the rise as more and more identity thieves adapt to this increasingly easy way to steal your identity. Once they have your identity, the sky’s the limit. They can drain your bank account, run up your credit, and virtually destroy you financially. And it all starts with some “innocent” communication online.

Gateway security is vitally important

A gateway is a node, usually a router that is located on a TCP/IP Network which provides access to another network. The other network is the Internet. A gateway is the connection between the Internet and your local network. This is why gateway security is vitally important.

Types of Internet Scams - Don't be a victim

While internet is considered to be the most significant tool in today’s information overload era, it is also a platform where thousands of scams take place every day. Many popular types that prevailed on the web for many years, and is still operating, includes Bank Scams.

You Disregard Application Surety

Are you disregarding your software program security? Certainly you are! That is, unless you are one of the 0.1 pct of users who do interpret the End User License Agreement (EULA, also known as software license). Else, well, then you subscribe contracts blind because that box filled with legal mumbo-jumbo when you set up a computer program, yes, it is a contract!

Other forms of internet security

Most people think of anti-virus software alone when they think about how to protect their computer from problems, there are other things and steps that can be taken in order to protect your computer.

How To Protect PC from Spywares and Adware

If you really want that your computer or pc run fast and work properly, then you should have to scan you computer on regular basis. Spyware and Adware are a malicious software that can harm your computer very badly.

In some case not only software corruption but also your computer hardware and hard disk, external drive etc. could be damage due to
virus infection, So it is a first recommended for computer security reason that install a good antivirus.

Secure Deletion Private Data: Tips And Tricks For Windows

Most people have some data that they would rather not share with others - passwords, personal information, financial records, self-written poems, the list can be continued forever. Perhaps you have saved some of this information on your computer where it is conveniently at your reach, but when the time comes to remove the data from your hard disk, things get a bit more complicated and maintaining your privacy is not as simple as it may have seemed at first.

How to delete Firefox Mozilla internet temporary files?

Sometimes you ask yourself if it is worth to delete Firefox temporary files or not, what result you will get by removing them and how to delete Firefox cache files. This article will answer to your questions and help to keep your PC more private.

How to avoid viruses

They say "Prevention is better than cure". Most causes of virus infections today happen through simple techniques that bad people use to trick you. Since anti-viruses can't always give the best protection, it is good if you know how to avoid viruses. I know a few basic techniques you can use how to easily spot viruses. These techniques have worked very well for me.

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