Webmaster Freelance to start your own business

Now more than ever you can work in internet as a freelancer becoming a web designer.

Making the freelancer in the internet world, becoming a web designer, or create web marketing campaigns is a great opportunity today. Everyone, from small to large companies are on the internet, so everything has become as competitive as the real market and therefore specialists are needed.

I give you a suggestion right away. if you want to become a web designer NOT follow an online course for web designers, but go to work for free as an apprentice with an experienced web designer who wants to make you sit next to him to learn.

The web design and web marketing courses are often taught by teachers who do that for years, they do it only and are disconnected from reality. The reality is that the market demand changes and evolves constantly, and being in the field is completely different than being seated in the chair of a course.

Being a Freelance, then an entrepreneur, means, first of all, to get involved and change much of your life. Money does not come magically to the account, but the customer will pay you, not because, as in the case of employee, a contract was signed and you have to work for the owner to achieve the purpose of the company.

Now the customer will pay you because you delivered the product or the service, you sign a contract for a specific job and you have to keep your promise.

To become a web designer, you need to find customers of course. Every web designer should have enough customers, and orders, to get started and become independent.

First of all you'll have to be the web designers of yourself and build a professional and informative website. This is not enough because the Internet is full of very beautiful website but are not visited because they are not indexed in the search engines. So you'll have to work a lot on web marketing for yourself in order to increase traffic to your website and get more customers and more jobs.

Let's make a list of things that a webmaster and web designer should know.

You must:

- be familiar with at least two major CMS like Joomla and WordPress

- know how to use FTP tools and the main hosting panels like Cpanel, plesk etc.

- know something about Mysql, and at least know how to use Phpmyadmin

- know HTML and CSS and some Php

- know the search engines optimization

- know and study the web marketing in all its forms

- know something about other Google tools like Analytics, Adsense and Adwords

- know Illustrator and Photoshop

Obviously there are still many things to talk about, to become a freelance web designer. And we'll talk soon.

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