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The different types of diabetes

Diabetes has been rated as one of the most dreadful diseases that the recent world has ever seen. The disease of diabetes has been affecting people in almost all parts of the world. Mainly people of age group above 40 are being affected by the disease. There are mainly two types of diabetes, the type 1 diabetes and the type 2 diabetes.

Few Diabetes Symptoms that you should Pay Attention

Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is simply referred to the medical condition in which the human body undergoes abnormal elevation of blood sugar level or when the body fails to generate sufficient quantity of insulin or when the insulin generated is not responded by the cells of the body. Insulin is a responsible hormone in body which generates energy out of sugar, starches and other food intakes.

Type 2 diabetes: features, factors and prevention

When a body is unable to suitably use and accumulate glucose it is called Type2 diabetes. It is a persistent state of body which is characterized by high blood glucose. Type2 diabetes was formerly also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

Managing Diabetes without Fear

Diabetes if remain uncontrolled for long period of time, it can become a fatal disease. Diabetes is such a disease which requires frequent monitoring. And once you show a little careless attitude towards it or towards your health, get prepared to face the hard coming time. Whenever you take something on your nerves, it creates a factor of fear in your mind.

Dealing with Diabetes during Pregnancy

It is not an easy decision for any woman to become pregnant. It is one of the most important that a woman can take in her life. But for a woman having diabetes, this decision becomes even more important and vital. For a diabetic, tow things really matter: the first is that your blood glucose should be well under control before the pregnancy begins and the second is to make certain that the blood glucose level remain normal throughout your pregnancy time.

Dealing with Diabetes and Depression

Whenever you have any disease, let us talk about diabetes, it is always depressing to live with any disease. Lets us take an example of a woman who described her reaction when she found out her results for blood tolerance test: Everything but the diabetes just fell away.

Dealing with Adolescence with Diabetes

Adolescence is the time when one begins to learn about his limits and restrictions, that is, hand-wringing anxiety and adult composure, stubbornness, rapid wavering between maturity and childishness, tears and laughter, and outright rebellion. Although these are something natural, these years of children do have considerable effect on diabetes.

Dealing with Diabetes with Intensive Therapy

Intensive diabetes therapy is a medical way to impersonate the way a normal pancreas responds to the body’s need for insulin. This therapy involves repeated monitoring of blood glucose – normally four to five times a day and eventually the subsequent adjustment in insulin dose and meal plan, i.e. according to the results of blood glucose test.

Treating Diabetic Ketoacidosis

If the blood sugar gets so high that ones body starts burning fats stores for energy, one may start producing ketones bodies which build up and spill over in to the urine. Ketoacidosis is a condition which is commonly found in Type 1 diabetes, where the combination of high blood glucose, ketones bodies, dehydration, and various chemical imbalances and when not taken care of results in the same.

Making a Food Plan for Diabetes

Making a food plan is just not your choice. You need to talk to your physician and seek help to make a good healthy diet plan for diabetes. Before making any plan, you need to keep some key points in mind:

Selecting the Right Diet for Weight Loss if You Have Diabetes

Many people around with disease actually give a try to follow fad and crash diets, but these diets can’t be followed at regular time period so instead of giving better results these tend to not bring with better results. The same goes with surgery too, where there removal of a large part of the small intestine is done.

Developing a Positive Attitude with Diabetes

It is the need of the hour to make our own private sphere which is much more relaxed and calm to win the world there are number of ways to accomplish it. One has to live with the disease with a positive approach as this approach would make the life living much more healthier and happier. Diabetes is an unpredictable one in nature, one cannot have control on this all the time one just need to stop feeling guilty and stressed every time the blood sugar in the body slows up, or do something its not supposed to do.

Making Trips Easier to Deal For Diabetics

Trips for a diabetic are almost always a tough stressful event, because one has to take care of so many things including eating and medication schedules. Most of the business travels usually involve the best deals at best restaurants with best menus. Eating and drinking are the vital parts of these business meals.

Ways to Lower Blood Glucose If You Come Hyperglycemic

A person is having hyperglycemia if his blood glucose is 180 mg/dl or higher, when measured at the same time of day for consecutive two three days. There are conditions, when the blood glucose level is high, but it’s not hyperglycemia. It is when your physician readjusts the insulin dose or you have a mild illness.

Participating in a Diabetes Support Groups

Being a diabetic, it is not difficult to collect information regarding your disease, you learn how to control your diabetes, read many brochures and pamphlets and your physicians too provide you with enough information on this topic, which you can share with others.

Treating diabetes is no more difficult.

Diabetes is a fatal disorder caused by the malfunctioning of the pancreas. It results in a decreased production of insulin by the body. Insulin is a hormone that is essential to transfer sugar to the cells that provide them energy. The symptoms of this disease are increased thirst, increased urination, constant hunger, weight loss, irritability, unclear vision and fatigue.

Making Ready for Diabetes Surgery

In case you need an emergency surgery, speak up to nurse or available doctors and tell them that you are a diabetic and your blood glucose needs to be brought down under control. It is always recommended to diabetic patients to keep or carry identification as a diabetic, for any unpleasant situations.

Preventing Kidney Problems when You Have Diabetes

As we all know kidneys are highly vascular, contains many blood vessels served as an assistant to the nephrons (the main filtering units of the kidneys). The waste products carried to them through bloodstreams filter out by nephrons. After dumping the waste into nephrons, the cleaned blood re-circulates in the body.

Taking Care of Your Feet When You have Diabetes

For a diabetic who is not so concerned about his diabetes, a blister, cut, a little sore, abrasion all can cause him severe infections. All these problems should be treated immediately and properly. The better way is to wash the cut with soap and water and apply antiseptic on it. Use sterile dressing over it and keep the foot off as much as possible.

Diabetes: Types and Causes

Normally, your body receives glucose from the food you take in. The liver and muscles also supply your body with glucose. Blood transports the glucose to cells throughout the body. Insulin, a chemical hormone, helps the body’s cells receive glucose.

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