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Guide to a Refractive Lens Exchange

Have you ever heard of a refractive lens exchange? This is when the lens of the eye is removed during a procedure and replaced with a new, artificial one. The artificial lens that is brought in is customised to the person's requirements - this means that if a person was previously long sighted this is corrected.

Teen Bulimia

90 percent of people suffering from eating disorders are women between the ages of 12 and 25. It is important, especially as parents, to be able to identify possible signs of eating disorders, in particular related to bulimia.

Easy Guide on Choosing the Right NHS Hospital

Once you've been diagnosed with a condition that requires hospital treatment and referred to a specialist, you will then be able to research the NHS Hospitals that can match your needs and preferences. The following guide explains the scope of your choices and the procedure involved in getting booking in. Part of the NHS Improvement Plan in development over the past few years is their commitment to giving patients the reasonable decision as to where and when they can be treated.

The importance of publishing negative results

Many scientific journals skew towards only publishing positive data; data that successfully proves a hypothesis. Others are the home for negative or secondary data: experimental documentation of hypotheses that turn out not to be true, or other experiments that do not lead to an advance of a specific hypothesis but are, nevertheless, a true rendering of that experiment.

Trying to Get Pregnant? Discover the Best Infertility Treatment for You

Many couples who make the decision to become pregnant find themselves unable to for a number of reasons. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of infertility treatments available today that help couples to become pregnant who simply haven’t been able to through natural means.

Useful Information About Guillain Barre Syndrome

Gullain Barre Syndrome is basically concerned with the disorder of peripheral nervous system. The body's immune system attacks the nervous system. Tingling sensations in the legs and varying degrees of weakness is the major symptoms of this disorder.

Managing Long-Term Elder Care

There are many people who volunteer or work with non-profit organizations that provide caregiving services to senior citizens. These groups tend to help with basic daily life activities like shopping, traveling, or providing prepared meals to those who have difficulty accomplishing these tasks on their own.

Professionals that help you deal with hazardous substances

The world is not as safe a place anymore with so many multinational corporations working on projects that require them to work with really dangerous substances that can harm people, money and infrastructure alike.

VF Treatments - Do You Know The Real Fact?

IVF treatments have been around us since a long period of time. The answer to infertility in this planet has found its place in the medical world out there. However the information related to the IVF treatments still remain conflicting.

Answering Questions about Ear Tubes and Your Children

You know the telltale signs that your child has an ear infection and those signs are back again. We know it is almost as painful for you to watch your young one suffer with an infection as it is for the child to experience it. After a number of prolonged battles with ear infections, your pediatric ear nose and throat doctor is suggesting ear tubes for your child.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)

Guillain-Barre syndrome or GBS is a severe inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves. Sensory information like pain and temperature is conveyed by the peripheral nerves from the body to the brain and motor.

Massage Equipment and Portable Spa: Health and Wellness redefined

Massage is the practice of soft tissue manipulation having physical, functional and psychological purposes and goals. It involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure, tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids.

The Revolutionary Alcohol Testing Method

Alcohol is said to have a lot of negative effects in any social environment, may it be the elites, the not-so-elites, or the poor people. Abusing alcohol can also lead to crimes and fatalities. Being able to regulate alcohol is among the biggest concerns of different types of institutions or organizations since having people in check would help make any place safer.

Finding Suitable Tulsa Assisted Living For Alzheimer's Patients

The most common type of dementia is called Alzheimer's disease. For those who don't know, Dementia is a general expression for the vanishing of memory. A big portion of the Alzheimer's sicknesses are dementia cases which is more than 60%.

A Brief History of the Hearing Aid

In the 1990’s, digital technology again revolutionized the hearing aid industry. It allowed hearing aid manufacturers to develop fully customizable hearing aids that could be adjusted to the specific hearing parameters of each person. New advances such as adaptive dynamic range optimization (sometimes called ADRO) allowed hearing aids to make continual adjustments

New York Times Terrifies Readers Over Atrazine in Water

All the news that's fit to scare. That was the thrust of this weekend's New York Times article by Charles Duhigg entitled "Toxic Waters: Debating Just How Much Weed Killer Is Safe in Your Water Glass."

PhRMA on Access to Medicine in West Virginia

Pharmaceutical companies are working every day around the clock to find new treatments and cures for society’s greatest health problems. We understand that there is nothing more precious than your health and the health of loved ones, we have families too. Access to medicine and prescription drugs are essential for the health of many Americans who would be in far worse shape without them.

Hypnotism: A world of constant source of energy

Man has been a constant source of scrutiny. One such mental state of mind is known as hypnosis. In hypnosis, the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind is broken. The person who undergoes hypnotism accepts and does the things as directed to him by his operator.

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