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ArticleMs Setup after installation
« on: February 19, 2013, 12:51:44 PM »
After you've installed the script, there are some steps you must follow to optimize your site.
So just going to your admin panel follow the steps below:

1) In the left sidebar goto SETTINGS --> GLOBAL SETTINGS
     There are various fileds such as:
     - Site Name - Write here what you want to be displyed
     - Site Email Address and E-mail Reply-To Address that must be filled using the same email address in both fileds
     - Use mod_rewrite Set it YES . This will enable SE friendly Urls. If you'll get errors, then ask to your hosting support to
       enable the rewrite engine.

    At the top of the page you can also see a link called URL SETTINGS
    Here you can change the url name of each page of the site or simply just leave as is.

2) In the left sidebar goto SETTINGS --> DISPLAY SETTINGS
    You'll see some SETTINGS that you can setup as you like.
    Such as :
    - GENERAL SETTINGS with Entries per Page - Number of Entries in RSS Feeds - Members per Page - Default Date Format etc.
3) In the left sidebar goto SETTINGS --> ARTICLE SETTINGS     
    where you can setup the article submission

4) In the left sidebar you can also see the link MEMBERS -- PERMISSIONS where you can change / setup custom permissions.
     I suggest to change something only or the GUEST type becouse for my opinion is better that non registered members
    (GUEST) must have not the permission to submit articles or comments.

5) In the left sidebar you can also see the link EMAIL -- EMAIL TEMPLATES where you can setup
    the Email Subscription Settings and the Email Templates. In the email templates you can also write your custom messages,
    but pay attention to the code in the brackets (don't delete it).

 :) ;) :D

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