Author Topic: How To Install ArticleMs for Newbies  (Read 6084 times)

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How To Install ArticleMs for Newbies
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:22:05 AM »
Below you can read the basic steps for installing ArticleMS.  This procedure should work for each type of server.  But, of course, there could always be exceptions.

a) The first step is to create the database/username and the FTP access in your cPanel.
     I assume that this is a process that you already know.

b) Download the ArticleMs script from the official site

c) Unzip the file in your hdd

d) Rename the file settings.php.txt to settings.php

e) Using your FTP access upload all the files and folders to your root in 'Binary' mode and not ASCII.
    If you want the script installed in a folder under the main root, just create a folder in the root
    (ie. articles ) and then upload everything to this folder.

f) After the uploads, setup the permissions to writable:
        /_cache/ (777) 
        /skins/ (777)
        /skins/export/ (777)
        /pdf/ (777) 
        /plugins/export/ (777)
        /uploads/  (777)
        /uploads/images/  (777)
        /uploads/files/  (777)
        settings.php (666)

g) Using your web browser, go to yoursite . com/install/index.php or yoursite . com/folder/install/index.php
    if you have the script installed in a folder under the root and follow the instructions on screen.

h) Once the installation is complete,  delete the /install/ directory for security reasons.

If all has gone well, you'll be able to login to your admin area and proceed to the setup.

If, however, you receive errors and cannot access the site, just post the errors here and we'll try to help you.