Forex Trading: When it is not advisable to trade

We know that the Forex market is opened 24 hours on 24, five days a week, or from Sunday evening until Friday evening. The weekend all the exchanges are closed, so even currencies are stationary. The Forex opening on Sunday coincides with the opening of the first exchange of the week in the East.

Although it might be possible to do Forex in every moment of the day and in each of the times when the currency market is open, this does not mean that every moment is also good. There are times when it is more suited to trade currencies.

To have the greatest chance of success is absolutely indicated to do trading at one of these periods, not outside. The fact remains that even outside the periods of greatest importance is possible to have good results.

Surely, you do not make trading Sunday evening, as the majority of exchanges are still closed, especially those of greatest importance, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange which is the first in the world for currency traffic.

Also Friday and Monday morning are times to be avoided, since it is more difficult to make forecasts, and you risk to lose everything you have done during the week or starting on the wrong foot.

Then you should not trade close to, and just after, the release of a very important news. The reason is simple in this case, it would be better to wait for the market reaction to this news and try to ride the wave.

Also you should not do Forex during holiday periods, such as at Christmas or at mid-august, since the trades are substantially more thin and it is difficult to make a good prediction.

All other times are more or less good. Remember however that also depends on your way to trade.

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