How to grow great greenhouse cucumbers

People use greenhouses to grow a huge variety of plants and shrubs. European cucumbers grow very well in greenhouses and these variants are much longer than the other types of cucumbers. As a matter of fact they are longer and heavier. The skin tone of the cucumbers is forest green and the texture is softer meaning that many greenhouse owners cover their cucumbers individually to protect them from bruises.

Nowadays the trend of growing cucumbers in greenhouses is parallel to growing tomatoes. The reason for this is that the cucumber is a type of semi-tropical vegetable that needs moisture, temperature, humidity, high light and fertiliser. If ailments and insects can be prevented cucumbers can yield in record numbers, but the cucumber is more sensitive to low temperatures than tomatoes.

Progressive growers can opt for growing greenhouse cucumbers and it can be a profitable business, however for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse the plant roots require excellent aeration. It is imperative to have a good drainage system. The soil needs to be made friable and organic substance need to be added to it.

The seedless and long European cucumbers have become more popular compared to the North American varieties. The benefit of the European varieties is that one can eat them without peeling. Often the thin skinned varieties are shrink wrapped and waxed to evade excessive moisture loss. This cucumber does not require pollination as it is a parthenocarpics species.

The European cucumbers are not resistant to all types of insects. Like their American counterparts they fall prey to certain diseases. To counter the menace of insect attack natural predators and useful insects can be used. The cucumber plants require plenty of sunlight and extra artificial light can be used for quickening the growth and germination.

Just like the greenhouse tomato the greenhouse cucumber needs a perfect balance of nutrients for yielding good crops. It needs a generous amount of fertilisers though. Water requirement of the cucumber plants is also quite high. It is ideal to use warm water for hydrating the soil.

When setting up the greenhouse it is important to ensure consistent growth of fruits and vegetables within it. A greenhouse owner needs to use the right type of equipment within the greenhouse and needs to seek the assistance of a reputed greenhouse constructor and product supplier. Gabriel Ash offer this one one stop solution to all your greenhouse needs.

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