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Keeping an hobby is fundamental for everybody in order to relax after a day at work. Playing chess, painting, gardening are some example of hobbies we can choose to follow.

Top tips for drying and firing silver art clay

There are a number of ways in which you can fire your silver art clay, you should choose the one which best suits your needs and feel most comfortable doing. Try to experiment and see which method you get the best results with. If followed properly then your piece will be strong, if not done correctly and you under fire the piece it can become weak and even melt.

Purchasing Drawing Art Supplies

For millions of people out there drawing is not just a hobby but instead a way of life. Sure, most of us at least doodle a little bit when we get bored (at school, work, etc.), but for others out there drawing is the thing that they do to unwind throughout the day, or to get their feelings and emotions out.

Using a precious metal clay syringe

Precious metal clay syringes, also known as a PMC, are essential jewellery making tools that give versatile effects throughout. Many people see it more as a medium rather than a tool. This means they will not be getting full potential in their creations. This fantastic tool offers a variety of techniques for you.

Few of the top quality collector figures

Unique figures, images and even characters from the motion picture or a theme are usually taken out from a distinct layout and also they may be commonly termed for collectors. Materials applied in building a collector figure are usually porcelain, clay and wood in the older times.

Woodworking Guide - How it Can Help You

Millions of individuals start woodworking projects on a standard basis. Whether or not it really is expert carpenters constructing a property or a weekend hobbyist working on a bookshelf in his workshop, there is a project taking location somewhere at any moment.

Making jewellery and accessories with silver clay

Silver metal clay allows for an array of jewellery designs that are not possible with traditional silver-smithing techniques. Silver metal clay is made of pure silver molecules mixed with water and organic binders to form a clay. Once fired the binders burn away to leave almost pure silver, which can make stunning pieces for you to share.

Treasure Metal Detectors: A Worry-Free Metal Detecting Adventure

To keep spirits up after a long, cold winter, and to give the sometimes-frustrated metal detectorists something to celebrate and enjoy, some groups hold a sponsored spring metal detecting outing. One such example is theseries of Civil War relic spring hunts held in Virginia that started at the end of March.

Who Plays Chess, and Why?

Chess is a popular game all over the world and everyone has heard of it. Used as an educational tool in schools, by retirees to keep their brain agile, by travellers to fight boredom, and by mathematical students in university. In fact by anyone who enjoys a challenge.

Travel and Play Chess

Playing chess is not only about fun, it can teach you a lot of practical skills that exercise the brain too. If you have to travel a lot then you'll know how boring it can be. Investing in a travel chess set can give your brain a workout and keep you entertained for hours.

What Are The Benefits of Hobbies?

Hobbies are responsible for a number of things on the human body and this will emotionally, mentally as well as physically. There are very many hobbies hat you can indulge yourself in that will suit your kind of lifestyle. Sports are one of the various types of hobbies and there are various sports which include basketball, soccer, swimming, golf, fishing as well as various other sports.

Find the Perfect Chess Set

Take a look online and you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer variety and number of different types of chess boards available. Identify whether you want one simply for decoration or to play regularly, once you have found the perfect set you're guaranteed hours of fun.

Buy Traditional Wooden Chess Sets

Although you can find chess sets made from all kinds of materials these days, wood is still the most traditional and the most popular with both beginners and skilled players.
Check out hundreds of designs and styles online where you can buy beautiful boards and matching pieces in ebony, boxwood, rosewood or maple.

Carp Barrows - Tackle Transportation Made Easy

If you are still wheezing your way around the water with a rucksack plus rod holdall buckled to your back take on my personal tips and make life simple for yourself and pick up a carp barrow, you won't comprehend just how you've fished without one!

Personalised Gifts Using Art Clay Silver

The versatility to create various personalized gifts is down mainly to the ease, with which it can be moulded, sculpted or shaped. Being a relatively cheap material, it comes as no great surprise that art clay has become so popular.

Quilts and Coverlets: What Is The Difference?

Recently chatting to a mate of mine, she was asking questions about my interests. This lead us to talking about quilting and more particularly quilts and coverlets. It was at this point she said coverlets? Aren't they the same as quilts? I filled her in on the difference between the 2, but that got me thinking. There are countless people who take up quilting every year, and just like me when I started, discover there is a lot to learn.

An Appeal Over Beach Metal Finding

Of the many varieties of routines using metal detectors, beach value looking might be the most well-known. Apart from the alluring and offered climate, why are wasting a new day capturing the shore together with metal detectors worth it?

Marine Solutions Provided by saltwater live rock

The right sort of an atmosphere makes a really strong impact on anyone. If you get to live in a space that is really comfortable and home-like, you are bound to be happier and healthier. This applies for your very own aquarium and the fish that reside in it. While these fish offer great comfort to your eyes and mind every day, they will not be comfortable in your aquarium.

How to Build Your Own Guitar - Picking The Wood

Attempt your hand at woodworking by constructing your own acoustic guitar.

Anyone who has had their gaze drawn down the delicate, sinuous curves of an acoustic guitar is bound to have felt an irresistible urge to handle the magnificent instrument.

What To Look For When Buying Horse Tack

Horseback riding is a very popular pastime for many people all around the world; however it's a very expensive hobby to do. There are lots of pieces of horse tack which you need to purchase but these can often be very expensive. You will know exactly which pieces of tack you need so that you can save as much money as possible.

An aquarium can add beauty to the house

Some people have the habit of gardening whereas some like to keep pets for example, cat, dog, etc. These all are their hobby, it is something that is not essential yet helps in some way. Another type of pet that many people keep at home is fish, usually in an aquarium fish tank. It enhances the beauty of the home.

The right aquarium supplies can reduce efforts taken for maintenance

Many people like fishes. Some like them more than the others. This is what leads them to build aquariums for the advancement of their hobbies. But the creation of an aquarium is just the first step to a huge responsibility. These containers are often created according to the kind of fishes and their natural habitat.

How to make precious metal clay earrings

Metal clay is similar to ceramic clay. However, once dried and fired in a kiln or by gas torch the clay becomes metal like in density. Precious metal clay is often used in arts and crafts for making jewellery, beads or sculptures. Made up of small particles of gold, copper, platinum or silver and mixed with an organic binding substance, the firing process strips away the binding to leave a metal piece.

River Rafting The thrill you might be searching for this year

First of all, if you've started out, it's always a good idea to contact a licensed river rafting agency before planning a rafting trip. You can find these quite easily, as they're often based nearby main river rafting locations.

Collecting Teapots A Rich History Unfolds

What do you collect? Most people collect one or two specific items and the passion usually begins in childhood. Coins, stamps, and antiques are often first thought of, but teapots have a rich history. The best part about a beautiful teapot is that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Soldering Jump Rings Using Sterling Silver Solder

If you're serious about making good quality jewellery, learning to solder is an essential skill. Not only will your jewellery look better and more finished, but your clasps and fastenings will be stronger and more secure as well.

How to Make a Silver Clay Ring using Precious Metal Clay

Precious metal clay was developed in Japan in the 1990s as a malleable, easy to use product that produced fine quality precious metal results. PMC is a combination of binders and fine material particles that creates a material with the same properties as modelling clay, but can be fired to produce a solid metal object.

Build An Outdoor Pond In Just One Day

Before you start your own backyard pond, it's best to get used to building one first. Don't worry if it sounds difficult - this outline will have you building and finishing a pond in just one day. You read that right. Only one day.

Silver American Eagle Coins for Investment

Today, American Silver Eagles are enjoying a great surge in popularity, due to the uncertain economic climate. As precious metals tend to make a excellent hedge against falling dollar values, investors are looking for the safety presented by silver and gold bullion products.

Effective and Cheap Sewing Leather Tips

Before throwing away pants, cut off the belt loops and use them to sew on the inside of children's coats and jackets for a coat loop. No longer fallen coats at school. Before stitching on buttons, tape each one where it goes with a strip of transparent tape.

Leather Repair Tips And Techniques

You can likewise have a leather repair master replace the broke areas and match the brand-new leather to the original color. This does work better when you are working on a panel of leather, for instance on an auto seat or the surface of an article of furniture.

How Individuals Can Make Good Use Of Their Travel Pictures

Most of the time when Americans take on a long vacation, like a honeymoon or study abroad trip, they have lots and lots of pictures, but when they get home they do not know what to do with all of the pictures. However, there are plenty of things that can be done with the special photos people have from their travels.

Simple Woodworking Ideas for beginner Woodworkers

One mistake a number of woodworking newbies make is taking on projects that are too big and detailed for their level of skill. Projects without an effective plan often are completed with obvious flaws and appear to be something of tremendously low quality.

Candle Making - The Importance Of Temperature

Candle making is very varied and you can make many different kinds of candles. The different candle making techniques you use will depend on the type of candle you are making. The most important part of making candle is getting the temperature of each step correctly.

Reviewing RC Boats

RC boats are radio controlled boats that work on the waters with the aid of the remotely controlled equipment operated from a distance. RC boats are loved by the professionals and the amateurs alike with the race and sail adding to the thrill of the moment. Today RC boat racing competitions are conducted by many organizations with the winners' victory celebrated through awarding them with cash prizes and trophies.

Book binding: How traditional book binding is done.

Book binding is a term used to explain the skill of fastening loose pages together inside a cover to make a book. This is explained in the following five stages:

Setting Up a Backcountry Camp

Many of us dream about the great outdoors and think about getting away for a weekend by planning a trip into the great outdoors. There is so much to think about as you need to be sure that you are safe and enjoy this trip to the maximum. When you are picking up all your tips, tricks and best practices you will surely want to learn how to locate a backcountry camp.

Tips on Buying Betta Fish Tanks and Supplies

The brightly colored betta fish from the tropical countries of Cambodia and Thailand is a favorite of people who like to have fish as pets. The betta fish, which originated from fresh waters, may be bought in a variety of colors including turquoise, red, orange, blue, yellow, and green. Here are some tips on looking for the best betta fish supplies and tanks for your home.

A Quick Guide on Buying Tropical Fish Tanks

One of the main considerations in taking care of tropical fish is your selection of tropical fish tank. Since there are many tropical fish tanks to choose from, outlined here are the factors you need to consider in making your selection.

Maloof Beyond 90 An American Woodworker

How do you commemorate the life's work of a craftsman who is considered both a legend and a national treasure? For Gene Sasse, author of Maloof Beyond 90 An American Woodworker, a typical hardcover or paperback just wouldn't do.

Grab A New Skateboard And Make The World Your Skate Park!

When it comes to sports, there can be not many things that are cheaper and more rewarding than skateboarding. When it comes down to it, all you really require is a good skateboard. There are all kinds of accessories in the shops too, but these are not really necessary. If you have a decent skateboard, the whole world is a skate park.

Chess Set Combinations - Gift Ideas

Whatever the reason that you are searching chess set combinations whether it is to complete your set or if you are starting out from the beginning with no existing parts of the combo you will find that there are a multitude of options available. Have a budget in mind before you get started and perhaps a style.

Tips On Starting A Money Making Comic Book Collection

Since the late 1920s to early 1930s, comic books have been very popular for young readers. Furthermore, comic books are a great alternative to novels. The reader can easily tell whether or not each character is a protagonist or an antagonist in each comic book. Also, the reader doesn't have to use their imagination because the character drawings and character sayings are visible to them. Over the years, readers have been collecting a lot of comic books, but they always wonder how to start their collection, expand their collection, or protect their collection.

Barbie Dolls

Is there anyone left on the planet that doesn't know what a Barbie doll is? Barbie dolls are sold nearly worldwide. They have been the subject of numerous books and controversies, plus the star in their own movies. There are even lines of Barbie-inspired cosmetics and clothing, and a new live Barbie stage show for 2006. All this for an 11 1/2 inch plastic vinyl fashion doll.

Deciding on a Flight School for Your Private Pilot License

The FAA regulates flight schools in two different sections of the FAR/AIM (Federal Aviation Regulations / Aeronautical Information Manual). Part 141 covers one type of school and part 61 covers another. You'll often hear of flight schools being refered to in this manner.

20 Checks Before Flying Radio Controlled Aeroplanes

Do you want to try the thrill and fun of flying radio controlled aeroplanes ? Let me tell you, as one who?s been there that it?s a wonderful hobby but to stop yourself being put off the whole thing before you barely get under way you need to take onboard the following tips.

Encourage Your Child To Play With Wooden Ship Building Kits

All around the US and England, Collecting ship models are a widely known hobby. Many parents encourage their children to take up this hobby, as this helps to develop logic skills among children, creativity, and last but not the least, teach them the history. In the Developing countries around Asia this hobby is not so popular and for good reasons. The habit of spending time in building model ships from the wooden ship building kits ensures that they are making a good use of their leisure time.

Overview and History of Pens

According to statistics put forth by the U.S. Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association in 2005, retractable ball point pens were the most popular writing utensil with 26%. Standard ball point pens took second with 14%.

What are Jewellery Findings

The most common jewellery findings - earring wires, crimp beads, eyepins, headpins and clasps - are usually made of either silver wire or sterling silver. There are a plethora of other, more specialist findings (for watchstrap projects and more costume-based accessories), but let’s start with the basics.

Essential Jewellery Making Tools for Beginners

Like any other craft, jewellery making has a list of essential tools that will make your hobby much more enjoyable and your results much more professional. For the beginner it can be confusing as the huge selection of tools available range from the basic to the specialist. However, there are certain jewellery making tools that should have a place in everyone’s studio.

55 Gallon Aquarium - Time To Change The Water

A 55 Gallon Aquarium just like any other sort of aquarium, needs to be maintained properly, if the perfect environment is created for the fish and marine life residing in it. One task that should be part of any maintenance program that you have in place for a 55 Gallon Aquarium, is to change some of the water on a regular basis. Doing this helps to remove more of the waste and debris that can accumulate in them, as well are replenish certain nutrients that can be lost from the water over time.

Saltwater Fish A Dream Come True

Have you ever owned a fish tank? Or maybe even an aquarium with a beautiful reef? Then you might also have owned a set of clownfish at one point or another. But what do you do when you discover that these beautiful fish have laid eggs? Sadly there is not a whole lot of information available online on this topic. So let’s see what I can do for you. I have raised many clownfish into healthy and happy mature fish, so if I can do it you can do it to. There are a few very important steps in clownfish breeding and if you would do even one step wrong it might not work out right, but let’s just see what I have to offer in the world of clownfish breeding.

How To Adjust A Satin Stitch

Before any other stitch can be formed, it begins as a straight stitch. This stitch is called a straight stitch. It is made by wrapping an upper thread around a lower bobbin thread and tightening them to what is known as a locked stitch. This connection is made inside the fabric when everything is properly set.

Gallon Fish Aquarium - What Equipment Do You Need?

A gallon fish aquarium requires certain essential pieces of equipment if one intends to provide the perfect environment for its inhabitants. For those who intend to own a tropical saltwater gallon fish aquarium, you need a good filtration system, heating system and aeration system.

How Can You Build A Simple Hovercraft?

The concept is really basic and easy in building a hovercraft. Just get lots of air. Hold it for as long as you can and place it below a wooden board. That should lift the board. Voila! You should be sitting on your improvised hovercraft. Simple isn't it? No?

Shopping guide for skateboarders

Since quite few years skateboarding has taken sports to a whole different level. This is one recreational sport that is a great exercising regime and fun game to bring friends together. The skateboarding fans always complain about not having the right information to make the choice easier. The most important consideration is to go to the right source for the purchase.

How to Find the Perfect Supplier of Jewellery Making Supplies Online

If someone who has the same interests in jewellery making has recommended a company to you, then their Internet website is a good place to begin your investigation. This will give you an idea of the kind of equipment they supply, the range of products and their prices.


In 2006, one of the words to be added to the new edition of the Oxford American Dictionary was the word “tablescape.” The word has been in use since 1991, but it has not come into common usage until recently. Tablescape basically means “everything you put on a table.”

Making Silver Jewellery

For this basic project, the craftsman will require a sterling silver sheet, a scribe, a jeweller’s saw and blades, a bench peg, a jeweller’s drill and access to a buffing machine. Once the basic piece has been made, it can, be embellished with silver wire orsilver findings.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball

How many times have we heard it shouted from both the coaches and the parents? “Kick with your laces, not your toe.” Sounds like an easy request, but you must understand you are trying to change the evolution of a child. This is why so many struggle with this seemingly simply task. While many think this is a problem for very young soccer players, 5 – 9 years old, we have seen this problem frequently in the 13 – 16 year olds as well.

Hot Tips For Buying The Perfect Boat

Whether you are a newbie to boating or a seasoned navigator, you will find that choosing a boat to buy can be quite a daunting task. There are so many different types and models of boats for you to choose from, and you have to take certain factors into consideration when you are looking for the perfect boat to buy.

A Novice's Look At Boating

The ocean air, the constant breeze and the sun glowing down on you are some of the reasons why you might take a look at boating as a hobby. A vessel afloat over millions of gallons of water may not frighten many people, but it probably does frighten a few. Being scared usually has something to do with what size of boat you are on, but most of the time it's the water itself that concerns people.

Top Model Railroad Layouts In The U.S.

Model railroading enthusiasts enjoy only one thing more then showing off their pride and joy: seeing other prototypes and displays that they can then go back home to compete with! Fortunately since showing off is inherent to all of us getting a chance to see some truly spectacular displays is not that hard, and in many cases involves only a short journey as there are literally hundreds of museums across the country that displays tens of thousands of locomotives, cars and scenes between them.

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