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Donating For Education: A Blessing for the Blooming Buds!

Donating for education is a noble social service and this gesture of yours has far reaching effect on the society. The main curse that haunts India is poverty and literacy is the only key to eradicate poverty and bring light to the lives of people.

Things to LOVE

I'm always reminded of all that I love in February. People, places, things, and all forms that the love comes in. All society would eventually become very dreary without the reminder of love. With that said, I give you a peek at things that would be very deserving of our love.

Baltimore for all recreational activities

Living in a place, which is famous worldwide, is a dream for all. New York, Paris, Switzerland, New Zealand and many more places are very popular destinations for making a living. However, there are certain locations which are not regarded as an ideal living option.

The More Frequently We See, The Prettier

Try to imagine this: there are four girls in the lecture hall. They are more or less similar, appearance-wise. None of them are drop-dead gorgeous, neither is anyone of them so ugly that you can't look at her a second longer.

Learn to Enjoy a Better Zen filled Life – Simplify Today

If you take a look around you, when you have the time, what do you see? I see my favorite possessions, pictures of loved ones smiling back at me from within the confines of pretty frames. These images are frozen in time, and yet they give constant comfort, and remind me of unconditional love. Other items which take up weight and space in my living environment are, my one hundred year old jelly cupboard from Harmony, Pennsylvania, a hand thrown pottery collection, an antique table with marks and scars from other generations of use, my desk and computer, that keep me involved in the precious lives that are thousands of miles from my embrace, but available via the internet and my trusty Logitech camera.

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