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This year, we seem to be staying at home. This year many of us stayed in Britain for our summer holidays, we are trying to use ours cars less as the cost of motoring continues to increase and even though the governments scrappage scheme is starting to boost car sales, its not really having the desired effect just yet.

Understanding your Rights as a Consumer

All of us are consumer sand we will easily be able to recollect situations when we have been wronged by retailers. They may have made empty promises about their products or services, charged extremely high price for a substandard product, sold a faulty product and never returned calls. Often we feel helpless in these situations and let the retailers have their way. Most of us just stop going to them again and warn others of the poor services or products.

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The tremendous advancements in the field of technology have literally changed the way people live and interact. After the arrival of the Internet and mobile communication system the world has become a global village for people. Another technological marvel that has only carried forward this trend is GPS. This advanced location tracking technology was initially developed for security and army use but later it was made available for use by mass. The Department of Defense of USA designed it.

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