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Nobel Laureates of 2009

The Nobel Prizes are universally regarded as the most prestigious and renowned awards given for intellectual performance in the world. The Nobel Foundation started in 1900 based on the will and testament of Alfred Nobel written on 27th November 1895.

Wall Plaques: A Reminder of Success at Your Wall

Wall Plaques are popular ways to commemorate certain events or successes. Just like a trophy, or ribbon, it is a symbol of success and hard work. We all like souvenirs or reminders of important events. We even love to collect them and place it in a spot for everyone to see. Wall plaques are usually given as awards for outstanding performances or other successful endeavours.

Crystal Awards Emanate Elegance

Crystal awards are made from crystal and by law if the crystal contains 24% or more lead oxide it must be called full lead crystal. Lead adds to the brilliance and of course, the weight. Crystal without lead is still crystal but is generally called glass. The addition of lead oxide to crystal makes it softer and easier to cut. This explains why lead crystal is cut and not just shaped as is glass. This is an important aspect to the making of crystal awards.

Crystal Awards – The Mark of Excellence

Crystal awards are made out of optic crystal and this type of crystal is 100 percent lead free and it is extremely hard. It is this hardness that accounts for brilliance in the cuts and in the bevels and in the very highly polished surfaces. Every lead free piece of optic crystal that goes into the manufacturing of crystal awards is polished by hand and beveled by hand.

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