Windows 8: the main benefits

Windows 8 presents a colorful world of dynamic tiles that display all the information we need. The real revolution has been the removal of the Start button and Start menu, probably the biggest since we know the Microsoft OS. The live tiles represent the direct access to the applications of Windows 8 and are updated in real time. They operate smoothly and are very stylish.

An OS that would fit devices and touch screens was a necessity, and in this sense, Microsoft has taken a step forward. Windows 8 supports the full integration of mobile devices, especially tablets, compared to desktop. Providing a single interface to multiple devices, it allows users to move easily from PC to tablet and mobile devices and vice versa.

Microsoft has thought about the double-desktop: Modern and classic. In this way the Modern style applications that, for example, do not adapt perfectly to the PC, may have a desktop counterpart designed especially for computers.

The step forward are the requirements and the performance of Windows 8. All applications for Windows 7 will run on the new OS, and if you were using on your PC Windows Vista or 7, even 8 will work without problems.

The key information and basic applications all work the same way, regardless of the device and the application Roaming Accounts offered by Windows 8 allows documents and settings to follow the user, regardless of the means used to access it.

Boot speed has increased significantly compared to previous versions and even security has improved. The utility of BitLocker encryption, SmartScreen and Windows Defender antivirus are just some of the features that will keep your privacy safe.

To facilitate the integration with online services, each user must have a Microsoft account. Without it, you can use Windows 8 but not the services, such as the Windows Store, the heart of the new OS. You may not like this imposition, but there are many advantages. With a Microsoft account, your configuration files, bookmarks, contacts, apps, and even the background will follow you everywhere there will be a Windows 8.

The new OS will suit the needs of every user, but without complicating everything. Four versions (including Windows Tablet RT) offer enough variety but do not make it difficult to choose the operating system.

Which version to choose? In theory, the basic should be sufficient for most users. If you want advanced security features, or if you use Windows Media Center, however, you will need the Pro version. If you work in networks, Windows 8 Enterprise seems the right choice.

In conclusion, the vision of Mircosoft is certainly brave but forward-looking, and takes into account not only the positive aspects of consumer side but also the business side.

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