Should I switch to Windows 8? Pros and Cons

Let's start from some pros:

- Windows Store

This is a great innovation for Microsoft. The Metro interface provides the user with simple and intuitive access. Thanks to the store you can try and download applications in a much easier, smoother and faster way. This, like many of you who use iOS and Android already know, is an approach, rather than practical.

- Attractive Design

The Metro interface looks amazing. It is clean, light and the tile-based layout makes it very simple.(Regarding the interface, see also the cons).

- It's cheap

For all Windows updates, we have always had to pay high figures. For example to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 you had to pay out something like 200 €. Windows 8 costs only € 29.90 via digital download or € 59 if you want the DVD delivered to your home.

- New Types of Passwords

The creation of new types of passwords and authentication mechanisms help users to avoid passwords that are less effective. It's a big step forward taken by Microsoft with Windows 8.

And now the cons

- The user interface has radically changed

Windows 8 has a new interface that appeals to most people, but is optimized for touch devices such as Tablets and smartphones. After having tested both on tablets, PCs it soon becomes clear that this operating system is optimized for touch devices.

- Limited experience on Pc

Modern applications tend to run only in full screen (although you can run two applications at once, with an app occupy two thirds of the screen and the other app that occupies the remaining third). There are no folders, for example - you can not drag and drop files or leave a document that you are using around on the desktop, because there is no desktop.

Working with the mouse is not always so easy and intuitive. With your tablet or smartphone you just touch the screen with your finger to open a program. You can not do the same with your mouse.

- Full screen in default

When you open Internet Explorer, it starts in full-screen mode and you cannot do anything to change it. However, you can learn to appreciate it. It 'something that not everyone is ready to love at first sight, but with a little time you do get used to it.

And what do you think about Windows 8? Are you already using it?

Or are you considering switching to it?

Let us know.

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Wed, 28 Aug 2013 at 11:25 AM, by MrBlooobs
Hi Red
i agree, this is very nice for tablets and smartphones. I hope that something new on the new upgrade will be released soon.
Thanks for your thoughts

Wed, 28 Aug 2013 at 9:23 AM, by red
Well i used windows 8 on my pc and i think that your analysis is correct. This OS works nice on tablet and smartphond. I also know that Microsoft has a new release

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