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Importance of taking a break at work

There's no hiding the fact that our working lives are manic. We have bosses to please, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve and a whole medley of other duties to juggle. So with all this in mind, if I preach the importance of taking a break at work, I can hear you say, when do I possibly have time?

The Office Vending Machine Guide to Employee Engagement

Office vending machines see it all. The office worker needing a break from the phones and demanding boss. The loving glances of workplace romances. The shift worker desperate for a quick pick me up. So whilst the office vending machine forms the hub of office social life, how can it improve employee engagement - the loyalty X-factor?

The Future of the Workplace

Remote working has been hailed as the green option, but there are problems with it. Few of us can afford to dedicate an entire room in the house to being an office, particularly if others are at home. From an environmental perspective, being sat in home offices with lights on, boiling the kettle and having the radio on for company burns energy just for one person.

Vending machines supplying energy to the work places

Most of the people prefer starting their day with a cup of coffee. It really makes them feel fresh and prepares them to face the day with a positive frame of mind. In the office too it has almost become a practice to serve the staff with tea or coffee at regular intervals so as to keep up their spirits active while working.

Flavia Machines are the Best...

If you want to taste various types of drinks in your office, the Flavia Drink Machines are the ideal solution. With this brilliant invention of modern technology, all you have to do is to make a choice of the drink that you want to have. After that, you will get the appropriate drink foil that has to be placed within the machine.

Today's Vending Machines: Consider the Choice

Coffee and drinks vending machines have long been a regular sighting in offices, institutions, hospitals – pretty much anywhere that is visited by lots of people on a regular basis. As vending technology progresses, businesses grow, and competition gets fiercer in the industry, the range and type of machines are becoming more diverse and those considering furnishing their office with a newvending machine are faced with fair amount of decision making.

Coffee Vending Machine Technology: Then and Now

The technology of coffee vending machines has advanced significantly since the days when 20p could buy you a shot full of pale brown silt-water. As office business grows and companies increasingly find themselves wanting to save money wherever they can, they are constantly trying to offer their employees an obligatory and fair amount of variety. Vending machine makers are competing for this growing custom viciously, and exploring ways to make their machines ever more efficient.

Diary of a Vending Machine Man

Saying goodbye to an attachment... I never thought that I would have a job in customer service. When I left college the idea that in five years time I would be sitting in a glass fronted office behind my own desk was a natural prediction. T

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