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PR or Public Relation agencies perform valuable communication strategies in order to help a company to improve and manage the brand consciousness.
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Financial Social Media: The SEC Weighs In

The Alert sets forth a non-exhaustive list of factors that investment advisers are encouraged to consider when evaluating their compliance programs with respect to financial social media.

Financial Services Social Media: Slow But Steady Growth

Financial services social media can mean a number of different things. It can mean creating smart phone and tablet applications that let customers and clients interact with you, or interact with each other.

Energy social media strategies require a good deal of planning

Energy social media is very much like social media in general. It utilizes the online sphere to put out relevant content and interact with customers and clients. But does that really matter? Some people will relegate social media to consumers entirely, seeing it as away for people to communicate and such.

A Hi Fi strategy for high tech PR

Getting in the lead is crucial to winning. But this is a simplistic view, as there are two things even more critical. First how did you get there and how do you stay there? If you cannot achieve the former, then you will lose, if you cannot master the later, you will sink to the back of the pack.

What Can We Learn From the Occupy Wall Street Media Coverage?

Whether or not you agree with the small group of protestors on Wall Street, the thing that's interesting to me as a PR person is how the story has grown and where its initial push began. There are varying viewpoints on why some mainstream outlets chose not to cover the protests, and the arguments from both sides are politically charged and greatly divergent.

Tips for wholesalers to bury negative publicity ethically

A negative comment about your business, which you know will stay on some online forum/portal forever, could do a lot of damage. Negative publicity has potential to tarnish your business reputation in moments. Just like a bush fire starts with a tiny spark, it also starts with one or two stray comments either from competitors or the angry customers and with global connectivity, this hate campaign spreads among the exiting and potential customers.

Are Press Release Services Worth It?

In the PR business, I've had experience with the free or low-cost press release services that seem to have proliferated all over the Internet. In fact, if you Google press release services, you'll find a wide variety of them.

B2b PR firms allow clients the freedom to help the world economy recover

Today, times are increasingly difficult for individuals and corporations alike. People the world over, even in first world nations like the United States of America, are having to rethink every single purchase they make just to be able to make ends meet at the end of the month.

Technology PR firms can help assuage the public’s fear of technological change

When reflecting on the many, many technological advancements of the past two hundred years, it is quite easy to become amazed at how far the human race has come., from horse drawn buggies and candles to the modern age with hybrid electric cars, commercial space travel and a host of medical breakthroughs that allow people to live long, full, and productive lives.

Public relations companies have to plan their strategies carefully

The modern business world is not that different from many other aspects of the human condition. People go to a nondescript office five days a week, fighting ridiculous traffic, and spending time away from loved ones, just to be able to survive. Everyone want what is best for the people they care about the most, so they will often slave away at a computer in order to provide anything for their families.

High Tech PR: New and Old Strategies Continue to Work Well

Whether you are launching a revolutionary new technology or planning updates to your product or service portfolio, most seasoned high tech PR practitioners recognize that successful marketing campaigns begin with effective communication.

Consumer healthcare PR firm can help medical practitioners

Doctors have it rough in these economic times. Their pay is still through the roof, so that is certainly a bonus to joining the medical profession. Doctors have to deal with hospital administrators, stingy health insurance companies, and the dwindling bank accounts of their patients when deciding what course of action to take.

Smart Grid Public Relations: Raising Awareness

There has been a strong focus on a greener world. It seems like a solution for cleaner technology and energy security is right around the corner. What most people don't know is that a solution has already arrived and it is called the Smart Grid.

How To Create Value through High Tech PR

Many people associate PR with a media relations role that includes little more than sending press releases and pitching reporters. In reality, a good PR firm has the potential to create real value for companies through complex strategic work.

A health public relations firm help provide top quality medical care

There are many advantages to hiring a health public relations firm. The first and most important reason is that by controlling how the general public views a particular health care institution's effectiveness, a health public relations firm can help to keep patients happy and coming back time and time again to receive a multitude of services for many years to come.

Financial services PR firms can help recover from the economic crisis

In the wake of the most recent economic crisis, people have had to make cuts across the board in an attempt to reduce expenses due to a lack of available funds. Most middle and working class families have had to make significant cuts just to stay financially viable.

Public Relations firms have to accentuate the positive aspects of technology

Today's technological achievements truly are astounding. The things that we can do with great ease today would have confounded and perplexed previous generations. It would have been quite a shock for a denizen of the Middle Ages or from Feudal Japan to walk into a modern day electronics store. More than likely, these individuals would stand mouths agape at the twinkling wonders that seem sound bountiful. They would have a hard time comprehending many of the devices’ purposes, let alone know how to use it.

Why Can't I Just Talk About My Book On The Air?

Authors expect they can use the media as a venue to talk about their books, while the media is only interested in them for their expertise and the information or entertainment they can offer their audiences. But, there is a wide gulf between using an interview to wax philosophic about why you wrote a book and giving an information-packed or fun-filled interview aimed at holding the interest of the audience.

Enhance Your Business with Live Green Energy PR

Self-discipline of public relations will be the cleantech public relations. This primarily focuses on open public green concerns and exactly what the organizations do in order to make people conscious of the endeavors that they are starting. Cleantech, as described, is utilization of recyclable regenerated energy for example hydropower, wind energy, solar energy plus biofuels, and others. It doesn't end with energy generation; it gets to energy storage devices, infrastructure, and efficiency.

Emergence connected with Green PR

Circumstances have transformed and also most companies make investments about business enterprise programs which usually could help throughout boosting its reputation as well as upholding all of the corporation's status together with the distinct factors regarding operating all the organization.

A comprehensive healthcare social media strategy is essential in creating brand awareness

Ask any teenage on any high school campus anywhere across the United States of America how they keep in touch with their friends, and ninety nine point nine percent of the time, they will answer with their favorite social media website. Just ten years ago, when social media was still a twinkle in the collective eye of software programmers, people would call each other up, or use the newfangled internet to chat with one another, right from the privacy of their own living room.

Green Energy Public Pelations Covince People the World's Energy Crisis

The desire to go green is becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern age. People have grown tired of the slothful environmental practices of previous generations and they are fed up with them. They want to strike out on their own, and will do so by any means necessary.

Brand Identity in Environment Public Relations

Brand identity and awareness are crucial to the success of not only your public relations efforts, but the success of your company or organization. Brand loyalty is often the reason that people pay more money for a product or service over another.

How to Relate to Reporters for Energy PR

When handling an energy PR campaign there will likely be a strong emphasis placed on media relations. Clients want to be able to see their company or organization being covered in relevant media. This demonstrates to them that their audience is being reached properly. Traditional and social media efforts will only be as effective as your ability to relate to reporters.

Consumer Health Public Relations

Health public relations is an impressively broad specialty, covering everything from hospital communication to PR about pharmaceutical development. Consumer health public relations is one fast-growing subspecialty within that category. For familiar brands, staying in the public eye – for the right reasons – can be challenging.

How Public Relations Can Replace Your Traditional Marketing

Public relations is an often used phrase in marketing and advertising departments but a lot of people don't actually know its full meaning, and what PR actually does. The idea behind public relations is simple enough. To raise the public profile of your brand, and over time increase awareness of your organisation to the point it becomes a market leader.

Cleantech public relations show the error of wasteful ways

These days, people are simply fed up with wasteful energy companies and their reckless environmental policies. There have far too many oil spills and similar environmental disasters that have brought the natural world to its knees. People have a limit to what they can deal with, and the many incidents of wanton corporate disregard for the environment have finally gotten people riled up to deal with them problem.

Cleantech PR initiatives can motivate to use greener methods in daily use

The federal government has played an important role in regulating how individuals and corporations alike can affect the environment. By putting a cap on the amount of emissions manufacturing firms can put into the atmosphere, the government is trying to protect the planet for future generations. But as with any time the government takes action, critics on both sides will label the particular move either as an example of government overstepping its bounds or government not going far enough from preventing private firms from causing considerable damage to the environment.

WGN Coming Up on 90th Anniversary

In a media landscape that is growing and changing nearly every day, most of the players are relatively new. CNN is barely 30 years old and Fox News is a teenager at age 15. Even New York's WABC-AM radio station is only 60 years old. So when Chicago flagship radio station WGN-AM announces that 2012 will be its 90th birthday, it's cause for celebration.

The Ability Of PR In Financial Technology And Asset Management

Needless to say, in case you are in the advertising field then you've produced commercials. In the event that you're in the public relations then that's all that you did. In case you are in the design field then you generate spectacular images and graphics.

How Do I Gauge My PR Campaign? Why The Internet Hasn't Changed The Rules

Since time immemorial, the only way to actually gauge the success of a print PR campaign was to indicate where placements were made and then list the circulation of that print outlet. For instance, if the Tampa Tribune ran your story on a weekday, the print circulation would be in the 150,000 range. On a Sunday, it would jump to 225,000.

Why Would the Media Be Interested in Me?

In my more than 20 years in public relations, one of the questions I get asked a lot is: Well, why would the press care about me? I just work for a living, like everyone else. The truth is that experts are experts, no matter their field, and as the media has grown over the past decade, it seems there is an endless hunger for experts to comment on the news.

How To Use Food Public Relations To Encourage Consumers To Act On Their Concerns

Recent research shows that animal welfare is now a major concern amongst consumers. Research from Mintel reveals there's nothing closer to the hearts of the nation than the wellbeing of animals. The study found animal welfare is Britain's number one food concern, with as many as four-in-ten British people worried about this issue.

Do Your Potential Customers Know Who YOU Are?

You know who I am. Even if you don't read half of what I send you, you probably recognize my name. Either I'm the person who sends you great advice on how to engage the media, or I'm the nudge who keeps emailing you stuff every week. Either way, you know who I am and what I do. Now, can you say the same for your potential customers?

Is financial services public relations in the midst of a renaissance?

Is financial services public relations in the midst of a renaissance? Perhaps. However, no one will argue with the fact that the discipline of financial services public relations has never been more important and might be surpassing another form of commercial persuasion, namely advertising, as a key weapon in the marketing arsenal.

Public Relations NY Becomes Social

Good PR will be easier to identify, meaning businesses such as yours can spend marketing dollars more wisely than ever. It’s easy to see if the PR professionals you hire or work with are respected, listened to and influential, making PR more honest, real and effective for your business.

The benefits of Corporate Public Relations

Businesses have always needed to be customer facing, but there was a time when many companies relied on personal relationships alone to maintain and develop their reputation and customer base. The personal approach of course remains valid;

PR New York Arena Ever-Evolving

Today, PR New York firms utilize every available method to communicate a company's story and meet a client’s business objectives and communications goals.

New York City Public Relations Firm Offers Tips on Blog Promotion

You've caught the blogging bug and think you have something to say. Even more, you think other people will care about what you have to say. They'll find you, right?

Choosing a Healthcare Public Relations Firm

Many medical device, pharmaceutical, biopharma, and life science companies choose to call on the expertise of a healthcare or medical public relations agency to help them develop and drive their key messages out to key constituencies, including physicians, patients, investors, payors, advocacy groups and influential clinical thought leaders.

Start Up Your Business With Public Relations In Marketing

Marketing public relations is important nowadays to strive in this competitive business world where everybody wants to the best among the whole lot. Public Relations And Marketing Communications are an attempt to influence people's behavior about the activities of the companies and its products.

Miami Public Relations In Marketing, What Do They Do

Writers and Journalists often times find themselves employed by public relations firms, as written advertising is becoming more and more necessary. Most advertising on the internet is in written form. SEO writers are high in demand, and SEO writer is a writer who can write an article that is search engine optimized.

10 Tips For Improving Public Relations Within Your Industry

Some business owners really do believe that their competitors are luckier than they are when it comes to getting their press releases or story placements into the right, targeted publications. If there is one sure and certain thing in the changing, evolving practice of public relations, it is that “luck” is never a component (at least not a stated one) of any successful PR effort.

Is It News or Is It Spin? How to Develop a News Hook for Your News Release

When pitching your story to the press, there is something important to keep in mind: if you want to get the attention of the press, you have to think like the press. In the 20+ years I’ve been in public relations, one of the most difficult elements of the game to teach clients is that the press is not a service organization whose sole purpose is to cover what PR people pitch them. Their business model is simple; they exist to inform and entertain their readers, so they can grow their subscriber base and sell advertising against those numbers.

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