The increase of the packaging sector in India

The packaging industry is an activity which creates wealth. This obviously concerns the products but also and especially the development of the machineries suitable for this work. Let us focused on the Indian industry and the development of this industry in the country.

In India, it plays an important role. Indeed, it enables to preserve the quality of a product and it also extends its lifetime. Besides, it is about all products, from medicines to foods and domestic products.

With packed products, the transport is easier and optimal. It avoids risks of outside aggressions and the time of transportation can be extend. Moreover, it develop the dimension of branding and advertising. That is why we can notice a boost of the consumption in India.

Thanks to packaging, the way to buy of the Indian people has changed. Consequently, companies have understood the benefits and the competition between brands increased. Indeed, packaging has a strong influence on consumption and on the buying behavior. In addition to that, we noticed that the Indian demand has grown.

What are the advantages?

First of all, as we could notice it before, it allows better conservation and protection. The aim is to offer to the consumer a product in a good condition. The transport from the manufacturer to the consumer shall not alter the quality of the goods whether it is about foods, medicines or domestic products.

Moreover, it is a strong communication factor. It educates consumers to recognize a brand and buy the same product. The smarter is the packaging of product, the more attraction it will create. It also gives a lots of information to the consumer and allows a better differentiation from other products.

From a logistical point of view, it improves the transport and the storage of goods. Convenience is one of the most important benefit, especially on the manufacturer and the retailer side.

The increase of the demand in the country

Realizing the importance of packaging in relation to sales and losses, more and more companies are using it for their products. According to industry studies, 22000 companies are registered of which 85 per cent are small and medium units. The annual rate of the industry is growing of 15 per cent which shows the high demand for processed food. Presently, the packaging industry represents 15.6 billion USD.

A way to develop this sector in India

The used industrial market could provide machines with very good quality and cheap price. With a reasonable budget, the Indian manufacturers could have used packaging machines from the most recognized manufacturers.

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