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No New Findings in Atrazine Study Promoted by Discredited Researcher, According to the Hudson Institute Center for Global Food Issues

Alex Avery, Director of Research and Education at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues, criticized new research by University of California Berkeley professor Dr. Tyrone Hayes alleging endocrine disruption in amphibians caused by the popular herbicide atrazine.

Should You Be Using Organic Acids In Agriculture?

Over the years, considerable interest has been shown in organic acids and their use in agriculture. These types of acids result from very old deposits of organic material that have decomposed for hundreds of thousands of years. This substance is decomposed much more than the humus that is so sought-after in the soil.

Factory Farms Not So Bad After All

The Internet is such a handy tool. It’s almost like an information factory. It would have taken hours with my old Webster’s to find all the appropriate definitions, but it took only minutes online. Here’s what several online dictionaries had to say about a factory.

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