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The Phantom of the Opera: A Review with Opera Glasses

Prepare yourself for an awe inspiring event and treat yourself to a night of The Phantom of the Opera, this performance will fill you with feelings ranging from sadness to ecstasy. As always, when attending any performance, remember to bring your opera glasses.

Opera Glasses- A Closer Look

Devices to improve eyesight in general have been around for hundreds of years. It was not until the 1800's that opera glasses achieved their position as a status symbol among theater-goers of the day.

A Review of Shear Madness the Comedic Mystery with Opera Glasses

Chances are, you have heard of Shear Madness, perhaps from a friend, or relative, and are considering attending a performance. My recommendation is that you should not attend, unless you would like to feel physical pain, and suffering from extreme laughter.

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