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Poetry is the beautiful form to use words for expressing ideas of the mind. There are different types of poetry such as Prose Poetry, Free Verse, Epic Poetry, Ballad, Ode, Canzone and more.
You can find more information about its origin and evolution.

4 Things You Should Be Keen About In Poetry Contests

There are so many avenues that can help you grow as a poet, and poetry contests should be on this list. They present an opportunity to turn your well thought ideas into poems and possibly win a prize if it is available. Since most of the poets are turning to online sites for a chance of publishing their work or showcasing it through blog posts, the number of poetry contests has gone up.

The Appeal of Writing poetry

Poetry is an interesting art form that seems certainly to be lesser practiced among the general populace than perhaps painting or playing instruments. It seems that every other person enjoys painting or playing the piano or guitar as a means to express themselves, but few count themselves as poets and this is a perplexing divide.

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