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Zeno's Paradoxes on Motion and Infinity, Part 1

Zeno of Elea, a philosopher who lived from 490 to 430 BCE, studied under the famous Parmenides, another philosopher also from Elea. Zeno contributed much to history of western philosophy in addition to also providing a lot of insight to our modern fields of mathematics and science. Zeno's importance rests in his comprehensive writing on motion and change but particularly on the concept of infinity. While most philosophers before him presupposed a notion of infinity without any hesitation, Zeno was the first in Western history to really expose the problematic nature of infinity.

2012: The Mayan Prediction of the End of the World

Many cultures have predicted the end of the world. Armageddon, Judgment Day and more. It’s a popular pastime. While few cultures have predicted the end of the world on a specific date, the Mayans were sticklers for time with multiple calendars and they pinpointed the day you get to stop paying your bills.

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